SixLiner Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: SixLiner
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Six Robot Gestalt Warrior (very creative!)
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Alan, Diego, Joe, Leaf, Night & Spark

Train Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 6cm Width: 2cm

   Worth mentioning here that this toy is also known as Aran. I prefer Alan, but it works either way. Anyway, he's an orange (front) and grey (rear) Bullet Train engine, with painted white lines on the sides as well as the letters "TGV" on either side, which is an acronym for this moel of train - the name itself is French (thanks to Firestorm for this info).

   I have the reissue of SixLiner, whose components all come with G1 Autobot symbols stamped on them. In the case of Alan this is on top of the cabin, on the left hand side. It's facing backwards. The cabin's windows are black paint.

   Alan rolls fairly well in this mode, there are red plastic wheels underneath which are slightly visible. He has a hole which can swing out from underneath his rear, allowing him to connect to Diego, Leaf or Night.

   His transformation is simple enough - fold over the rear half, position his arms and stand him up.

   In robot mode, Alan has a black torso, black thighs, grey arms and legs, with silver paint for his face and waist. There's a big orange hood over his head, thanks to the front of the train just staying there. He has subtle red wheels on his shoulders and obvious red wheels on the outsides of his lower thighs.

   The arms move at the shoulders and his knees can bend - together. Otherwise that's it. Not a great robot mode, but it's a nice train mode.

Train Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 6cm Width: 2cm

   A black steam locomotive, with gold highlights on front and white trim down the side. There's a phantom red hole on top of the cabin, which is used to attach Diego to SixLiner's back. The front set of wheels roll, and there's a partially concealed set of wheels at the back that roll. While the middle sets of wheels are moulded, the four moving wheels allow Diego to roll fairly well.

   There's various translations of this guy's name out there. I've seen it written as Dego, Deigo and Diego. I prefer Diego since it actually means something. But it doesn't really make too much difference.

   This is a nice train mode. He may be small, but the gold trim on the front adds to the already significant detail. The Autobot symbol stamped on the left side of the snowplow looks good, too. There's a small post that folds out from the back of the train, allowing him to attach to Alan, Joe or Spark.

   Diego's transformation is about as simple as it gets - fold the rear 90 degrees, position the arms. That's it. Luckily, the result is a sweet looking robot mode. He's got an orange waist and orange head, with a silver face. His chest is painted gold. The thighs are grey and the arms and lower legs are black, along with a hood about his head. The hood doesn't really detract, this is a sweet Micromaster.

Train Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 5.5cm Width: 2cm

   An off white Electric Train engine, with black cabin windows, nose panel and side stripes. He has a stamped Autobot symbol on the front of the right side and grey painted undercarriage. There are red wheels just visible on the underside, which allow Joe to roll, although not all that well. He has a fold down hole at the back, which allow him to connect to Diego, Leaf or Night.

   Transforming Joe is a case of folding over the rear section, standing him up and positioning the arms. After which you'll be presenting with a Captain America coloured robot mode. He's got a blue head and a blue waist, silver face and chest, white arms and lower legs, red legs and wheels (on his shoulders), and a black & white hood over his head.

   For reasons which I can't quite pin down, Joe's robot mode looks more like the Anglophone Micromasters than most of his teammates. He's got funky looking antenna arrays sticking out the sides of his head, which I suspect are there to make the hood look less cavernous. It works, too. The colour scheme works here, too, the blue contrasts well with the silver used on his face. The silver also works to highlight his facial features - you can clearly see eyes and a mouth, despite the entire face being one colour. Some Micromaster faces are obscured by paint, but Joe is just the opposite. A good little toy.

Train Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 6.5cm Width: 2cm

   Some of the names of this set make you wonder.. but in Leaf's case it seems obvious that his _green_ paint made them decide on Leaf. I'm not sure if this is a great thing, but at least it's not a mystery like Diego the steam loco or Alan the orange Bullet Train. Anyway, Leaf is a white and green Bullet Train engine. There's yellow lights on the sides of the nose, black cockpit windows as well as black passenger windows on the sides. The green runs down the sides as stripe and wheelguards, as well as on the front on the plow. He has an Autobot symbol on the right side of his cabin roof, which is backwards, like Alan's.

   He's blessed with the red wheels most of this set have, but they're pretty well hidden, which is a good thing, otherwise he'd look like a Christmas decoration. He has a pole that folds out from the back of the carriage, so he can attach to Alan, Joe or Spark if he's up for it. There's vent grills on top of the back of the carriage, which double as leg details in robot mode - a nice touch. Unfortunately the feet are really obvious and detract from the vents somewhat.

   Leaf's robot mode loses all traces of green from the front. He's got a red head and waist, silver chest & face, painted grey arms, black thighs (with red wheels on the bottoms) and white lower legs & hood. A fairly lacklustre robot mode, the silver paint works against his facial details a little, the wheels on his thighs are too obtrusive and the grey arms look too spindly for mine. It's not that he's awful, but there are better robot modes in this set.

Train Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 6cm Width: 2cm

   Night, or, if you prefer, Knight, is a primarily blue affair in train mode. He's got yellow lights front and back, black windows all around the sides and both ends, white lines down his sides and a grey painted undercarriage. What's interesting is that if not for the need to have a hole for his knees at the back, he'd be the same at both ends. There's a vent grill on the top of the cabin towards the front, and a lump behind that, but otherwise the train mode might as well be a palindrome of sorts. He's an electric freight engine, and a fairly nice one at that. There are red wheels on his underside which allow him to sort of roll, though you can't seem them in this mode. He has a pole that folds out on the back, so he can attach to Alan, Joe or Spark.

   Transforming Night is as simple as folding the rear section over, standing him up and positioning the arms. Which leaves you with a blue, grey & orange robot mode. Sounds worse than it is, works out quite nice. He's got blue arms and lower legs, as well as a blue & grey hood. His torso and head are grey, with a yellow section on his chest. The eyes are yellow and the rest of the face is painted silver - the paint job on the face is excellent for a toy this size. While the sculpting of the face is pretty standard, the detail in provided in the paint job makes it a great face. The silver paint is also present on his waist. The thighs are orange and there's red wheels on his shoulders.

   As mentioned it's a paint job that works well, and it's a colour scheme that works well. It's probably also worth mentioning that the blue plastic on Night is not used anywhere else in SixLiner.

Train Mode Height: 2.5cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 5.5cm Width: 2cm

   Like the majority of SixLiner's components, Spark is a white Bullet Train, He's got blue stripes on his sides, as well as a blue snowplow, black cockpit windows and passenger windows. He's got an Autobot symbol on the nose - the reissue it stamped and the original has a sticker. In fact I believe only Spark has a insignia in the original SixLiner. Anyway, he's got a big hole on top and a red bit (the head) visible in front of that. Kind of ruins the view from the top, Spark's definitely best viewed from the side.

   Aside from the hole it's a good train. He has a hole that folds down from the back, he can combine with Diego, Leaf or Night. He rolls well, on little red wheels. You can see the front ones but the back ones are pretty well hidden.

   Transforming Spark involves folding the back down, folding the head up and straightening him out. Unlike the others, this guy's robot mode is the top of the train, not the underside. Which explains the garbage on top of the train mode.

   Even so, it's not an awesome robot mode to compensate. He's got the afore mentioned red head, with a silver face, a black torso and black thighs, white lower legs and arms. There's a yellow triangle on his chest, on the red bit his head attaches to. I like this yellow bit, not sure why. He doesn't have a hood, unlike his buddies. A nice mode, but it gets dragged down by the train mode.

Height: 17cm Width: 11cm

   Join the dots. Basically you attach them all to the connecting pieces. Night is the left leg, Joe the right leg. Alan is the right arm and Leaf the left. Spark forms the chest and Diego gets the dubious honour of forming the back. You could get away with leaving Diego off, but then you'd have Fiveliner and an insecure Diego. There is some transforming to be done to each toy, but it's more or less 6 trains hooked up with connecting pieces. None of them actually connect to each other!

   While this guy may have more connecting pieces than Devastator, he's a lot more stable than the green one. He's taller than Monstructor, too, although that's not really too difficult. The overall colour scheme works, thanks to the generous amounts of white which help the oranges, greens and blues melt together. the waist, feet, hands and gun are black, the chestplate orange, with Spark's white nose in the middle of it, and a red head. The face is silver and he has black eyes.

   He's got the Autobot symbol from Spark's nose on his chest, but the reissue also has two on it's knees thanks to Night & Joe. They're sideways, but they're there. From the top you'll see two on the shoulders, belonging to Alan & Leaf. He's also got "TGV" clearly marked on his right wrist.

   A nice Gestalt for the size, although there's not much poseability. The shoulders can turn but you're likely to pop the arms off. Spindly, but otherwise SixLiner's a great little Gestalt.


   As mentioned there's the original, which comes as a giftset, and has stickers. Then there's the reissue which has painted details including insignia in spades. The reissue toys are marked '92 - '02 so it's pretty easy to tell which is which. The reissue are sold seperately. SixTrain is a repaint and significant retooling is SixLiner, with a new mould in place of Joe.


   A nice Gestalt set. Better than some sets that are bigger, which is both a compliment to SixLiner and an indictment on some others. The components range from the great Diego to the somewhat mediocre Leaf, but are overall worth getting. The fact that it's been reissued means you no longer have to pay insane prices for it, which prompts be to recommend this set if you're a Gestalt fan or a Micromaster fan. I'm both, so I'm pretty happy with him.. 8/10 - losing two points for Spark's train mode and Leaf's robot mode

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