Sixknight Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sixknight
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Assault Warrior
Alternate Mode: Jet, Pistol, Hovercraft, Puma and Drill Tank

Thanks to heroic decepticon for loaning me Sixknight for this review

   Overall Note: Since there's many permutations, I'm only going to skim over transformations, and just discuss major features in each mode - since this toy is essentially a bunch of modules on a central block. His main colours are grey, cobalt blue, off white and powder blue with red accents, with the central block being off white & grey and light grey and the modules mainly blue. He's a repaint of Quickswitch, in somewhat similar colours (the modules are the main difference).

Height: 8cm Length: 17cm Width: 20cm

   The jet is dominated by grey and cobalt blue and most of the modules are folded up in this mode, with the wings and a sort of nose section folded out. The nose section is actually the robot groinplate, and it looks like it, since it's a flat plate sticking out of the front. The small wings rely heavily on the powder blur pistols, which are attached to the wingtips, for their span - this works fairly well but if he's missing a pistol this mode will look pretty bad.

   Assuming you have the pistols, this is one of his better modes. Sixknight looks like some sort of space freighter, although apparently he's a sub orbital fighter. He has an undercarriage, which suggests he takes off from a runway - but there's no way this block is reaching the higher atmosphere of anywhere.

   The play value of this jet is limited to rolling it along on it's wheels, which isn't much, but I can't say I expect much more. Overall, while it's one of his better modes, it's blockiness annoys me.

Height: 12cm Length: 17cm Width: 9cm

   Largely off white and cobalt blue, the gun is basically the hovercraft mode with the hand pistols on the front and handle underneath, and it looks like it. The sky blue bridge window of the hovercraft is clearly visible on top, and the curved bow of the vessel prominent where the hand pistols attach. I'm not a fan of how the front section is two small cylinders rather than being an actual barrel - it stops him from looking like an actual firearm. The handle is the twin tailfins of jet mode, with a big gap in the middle of them. The guns actually plug into the chrome drill of his drill tank mode, and this makes for a weird effect, since there's a random piece of chrome nestled into this mode, for no apparent reason.

   There's no play value in this mode at all, which would have been nice to offset him not actually looking like a gun. Perhaps a fold up sight or something, which would have been possible, and I'd be more positive, But as it is, I can't find anything good in this mode.

Height: 7.5cm Length: 13cm Width: 9cm

   Like the pistol mode, this mode is mainly off white and cobalt blue, with powder blue stripes down the sides of the top deck thanks to the pistols being mounted there. Aside from the groin panel sort of hanging off the front of this mode, it actually looks pretty good, and it's clearly a naval vessel - there's a bridge and the bow is curved. Of course, few hovercrafts have giant lasers mounted on their deck, but Sixknight _is_ meant to be an assault hovercraft. I guess if you need to fight a battle in a swamp you know which Autobot to call on.

   There's no play value in this mode, the wheels for the tank and jet mode are on the top of this mode, so he can't roll. I don't know if he floats and I'm not willing to test it out, since that's just asking for rusted screws (on a borrowed toy) - but I'd assume he'll sort of float low in the water. Despite the fact this is a block of plastic that doesn't do anything, I like this mode simply because it really looks like what it's meant to be, which can't be said for all of Sixknight's modes.

Height: 9cm Length: 19cm Width: 9cm

   A mixture of cobalt blue and off white, this is the mode that requires the most of Sixknight's engineering, but it's also his poorest mode. While it's clearly a quadruped, and the head is clearly a cat's, the thighs are huge and the tailfins just sort of sit underneath the chest, ruining the poseability and hanging out the sides rather awkwardly.

   I suppose the upside of this mode is that it's not just one block, but that's because the legs have unfolded, and the beast head has also popped out. There's no real tail, instead the pistols hang off the rump.

   The lower legs are small and spindly compared to the body, so he doesn't really look catlike in shape. What really annoys me though that despite having lots of joints in his legs and on hsi hips, the sheer bulk of his thighs and the tailfins mean he has no meaningful poseability. I wouldn't mind a lack of poseability so much if this was a patched together mode like the pistol, but they've put all this effort into making this mode, and it barely works.

Height: 8cm Length: 16cm Width: 8.5cm

   Like the jet mode, this mode is mainly grey and cobalt blue, but the only real "action" on this repaint is the chromed drill. There are panels which fold down specifically for this tank to form treads on either side, which is cool. The drill, which serves as the attachment point for the pistols in some of the other modes, has big holes on either side, and since it's a very small drill (about an inch long), they stand out somewhat - although this is much less of an issue here than on Quickswitch, since the drill doubles as his "bling".

   I'm not sure this thing would be able to drill it's way through anything with such a small drill, but the guns on top and generally bulk mean Sixknight looks like he could lumber into battle in this mode, so overall it works. He has wheels on the underside, which are the undercarriage of the jet mode, but now hidden by the tread panels.

Height: 18cm Width: 9cm

   Sixknight's robot mode is a mixture of his four primary colours - the upper arms and shins are cobalt blue, the torso is grey with an off white groinpate, the forearms and feet are also off white. Lastly, his head is power blue and the face is yellow. There's an outbreak of red on his chest, a colour that seems to appear randomly in some of the other modes, and I'm not sure why they've used it at all.

   The central block that Sixknight is based on is the central part of this mode, with the arms and legs attached to the sides of it. While this works fine for the arms, the legs are on either side of the groin, like those of a reptile (well, except for the fact the thighs are vertical), and this looks pretty stupid. The central block also reaches down to his shins, making it worse. Above the waist he looks okay - his fists have holes in which you can place the pistols, and the face has well defined features, with a mouth, chin, nose and eyes. Sure, it's yellow, but it's a well moulded face.

   Sixknight's shoulders rotate and his elbows bend, giving him good arm poseability. His hips swivel and knees bend, but the actual poseability is limited by the fact his legs are on either side of his centre of gravity and his feet are widely spaced. Still, the arm poseability is good for a G1 toy.

   While the arms and facial detail are good his the legs are a mess - so I can't really say I like this mode. The colours are more muted than those of Quickswitch, but the effect is similar.


   None that I'm aware of. As mentioned, he is a repaint of Quickswitch.


   While there's nothing bad about this repaint, it's just uninspiring. Sure, the use of chrome is nice, although I do wonder how durable the chrome would be if the handguns are plugged into it a lot over time. The colours are quite nice, and not as bright as those of Quickswitch, but the overall effect really is about the same - I've found myself struggling to really discuss the differences here. The mould isn't that special, anyway, and while Sixknight has decent vehicle modes, the puma and pistol modes suck. The robot mode is mixed but generally poor. Given his rarity and the fact that he offers little more than Quickswitch, I could only recommend Sixknight to Masterforce completists - 3/10

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