SixBuilder (Reissue) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: SixBuilder
Series: Japanese Generation 1 Reissue
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Six Robot Gestalt Warrior
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Crush-Bull, Digger, Gran Arm, Iron Lift, Mixing & Treader

Bulldozer Mode Height: 2.5cm Length: 5cm Width: 3cm
Robot Mode Height: 5.5cm Width: 3cm

   Originally a lime green bulldozer with a blue shovel, Crush Bull is now pine green with a grey shovel. He has dark grey painted treads, with wheels on his underside. The windows are painted silver and gold painted trim on the engine block. The grill is painted dark grey. Added to the paint mask is a small Autobot symbol on the top of the engine block (all of SixBuilder's components gained painted insignia somewhere).

   A nice little bulldozer, with an enclosed cabin and a lot of mould detail for it's size, particularly on the treads. The shovel itself can swivel up and down, with joints at the vehicle ends of the arms.

   He rolls reasonably well, and the shovel is made of a soft plastic so you won't fracture it, although it might wear easily if you push it down as you roll him along.

   To transform him, pull the front and rear apart, fold the shovel underneath, fold back the grill to reveal the head and position the arms. Stand him up.

   Still largely pine green, with dark grey arms by virtue of them being the front halves of the treads. Dark grey thighs, silver painted face with the Autobot insignia now on his chest.

   He's got jointed arms, his legs are two pieces but cannot move independently. A nice robot mode, although a little blocky. Good colours, good dozer, decent robot.

Backhoe Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 6cm Width: 2cm

   Originally an orange backhoe, Digger's now yellow. He's actually a truck mounted backhoe rather than a tread mounted one. He's got black painted windows on the front and rear cabins, and a grey bucket, made of the same soft plastic as Crush-Bull's shovel. He's got a fair bit of mould detailing, although a lot of it is lost in the bright yellow plastic. There's an Autobot insignia on the door of his rear cabin.

   Digger's got pretty good play value for a Micromaster. The wheels roll, of course. But then the backhoe assembly on the back of truck rotates, and the bucket arms is jointed both midway and at the base.

   Transforming him involves folding the front down to form the legs, adjusting the arms and standing him up.

   Digger's yellow backhoe mode gives way to a yellow and orange robot mode. His head, torso and thighs are orange, legs, arms and overhead kibble yellow. He's got some silver detailing on his chest, and a silver face. It's not a stunningly great robot mode, but it's not awful. The colours aren't as bad as they sound, but they're not fantastic. The overhead kibble is prominent, but doesn't really hurt the look of the robot mode. Overall a good vehicle mode and an okay robot mode. So-so colour scheme.

Front End Loader Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5cm Width: 2.5cm
Robot Mode Height: 5cm Width: 2.5cm

   Once a red front end loader, Gran Arm is now orange. He's got red struts (actually the robot arms), big black wheels and black painted windows on the cabin. The cabin is quite small, too, suggesting this guy's vehicle mode is _big_. He's got an Autobot logo on the back, behind the roof of the cabin.

   The wheels roll pretty well, although the bucket can hinder them if you have it folded right down. You can lift it up all the way, incidentally.

   Gran Arm's transformation involves folding up the bucket, extending the rear section, positioning the arm, swivelling out the head and standing him up. It's worth noting that his arms are _behind_ the attachment points for his front wheels, so they can't really move that much.

   The dominance of orange continues into his robot mode. The thighs are black, head and arms red, as well as some detail on his chest. His face is painted silver.

   A pretty dull robot mode, and the arms being behind the wheels hurts. He's not awful, but neither mode is all that inspiring.

Crane Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 6cm Width: 2.5cm

   Once a white crane, Iron Lift is now a red crane. And it's a very nice shade of red. He has dark grey painted windows on his cabin, the arm and hook are the soft grey plastic shared by his two previous teammates. He has an Autobot insignia on the door of his rear cabin.

   Probably his only real shortcoming in this mode is the fact his middle set of tyres are painted on. The front and rear set are real and roll, however. Like Digger, his rear section rotates, and he has two joints on his arm. The middle one is only really there to fold the arm for robot mode. But his hook is jointed, which for me makes this mode. Crumble, the other Micromaster crane, had a solid cast hook, but Iron Lift's got a tiny little hook that moves (c8

   Transforming Iron Lift is almost the same as transforming Digger. Fold down the front, font back the front of the hook arm, stand him up and position the arms.

   Iron Lift retains red on his arms, lower legs and overhead kibble. He's also got red paint on his head and chest. The remainder of the torso and thighs are yellow. His face is painted silver. The overhead kibble is less prominent than on Digger, and doesn't really detract. He does have a tendency to fall backwards, but you can partially fold down the crane arm, so it's not really a problem.

Cement Mixer Mode Height: 2.5cm Length: 5cm Width: 2.5cm
Robot Mode Height: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A pine green cement mixer, Mixing was lime green in a former life. Like Iron Lift, he has three sets of wheels and the middle set are painted on in dark grey. He's got dark grey painted windows, gold painted exhausts & headlights, a silver bumper and silver detailing on his drum. There's an Autobot insignia on the right hand door of his cab.

   The mixing drum is solid cast, but the wheels roll. Well, four of the wheels roll. Otherwise not too much play value to be had. But Mixing looks nice, and is well moulded.

   Mixing's transform involve pulling the front and rear sections apart to extend the thighs, positioning the arms and standing him up.

   The green from Mixing's truck mode gives way somewhat in robot mode, now present only on the lower legs and the arms. His chest is painted dark grey, his thighs and head are red. His face is painted silver and there are twin guns on either side of his head, painted dark grey. He has a small amount of green kibble above his head, but it's minor.

   The colour scheme is unorthodox, and the lower legs stick out a bit, but the twin canons on the sides of his head are cool. Plus I've always been partial to his name, nothing like a imperfect present verb form for a name! (c8

Dump Truck Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5cm Width: 2.5cm
Robot Mode Height: 6cm Width: 2.5cm

   Formerly black, Treader is now an orange dump truck. With big tyres, so I suppose he hauls around open cut mine tailings in his spare time. He's got a dark grey grill, and dark grey bumper. His headlights are painted red and his cabin windows painted black.

   Treader rolls quite well, and he's got as much detail as you could ask for in a truck that's going to be low on detail.

   To transform Treader, you fold down the tray to form the legs, fold the arms down and the head up and stand him up. This transformation is clearly inspired by Long Haul.

   The overall result of this transformation is a rather tall looking orange robot with yellow outbursts. The yellow is on his thighs and head. For some reason this scheme looks a lot nicer than Digger's. Probably because the yellow blends into the orange better than Digger's orange does into his yellow.

   As mentioned, he's very tall looking, in fact slightly out of proportion. His shoulders have swivels but he can't quite lift his arms up to 90, since his bumper gets in the way. This is nowhere near as bad as on Gran Arm, but it's a flaw. Still, he has a nice vehicle mode and a nice transform.

Height: 17cm Width: 15cm

   Join the dots. Basically you attach them all to the connecting pieces. Mixing is the left leg, Treader the right leg. Digger is the right arm and Iron Lift the left. Gran Arm forms the chest and Crush-Bull gets the dubious honour of forming the back. Leaving Crush-Bull out can be done, but he'll get lonely. There is some transforming to be done to each toy, but it's more or less 6 vehicles hooked up with connecting pieces. None of them actually connect to each other!

   As with all of the Micromaster Gestalts, he's got a lot of connecting pieces. Most of which are blue and charcoal. The overall colour scheme is taken from the Diaclone scheme for Devastator. it's a decent scheme, too, although not as unified as some Gestalts. He has chrome red paint on his chest, as well as an Autobot insignia. These are painted onto the bottom of Gran Arm's shovel, although you only really see them in this mode.

   SixBuilder was always the Micromaster Gestalt I wanted the most down the years. None of the components are bad - Mixing, Iron Lift and Crush-Bull are all great individual toys. The combined form looks good, too, especially with Digger's bucket on one shoulder and Iron Lift's hook on the other. His shoulders swivel, although they can pop off.


   The original set, only available as a giftset, and had a sticker sheet. Then there's the recoloured reissue I've reviewed. Also in the reissues was a chase set, which were mainly lime green with purple highlights - Devastator colours. I have the chase variant of Digger only. The set later made their Anglophone debut release recoloured as Devastator.


   A nice Gestalt, SixBuilder's components are all strong, with Gran Arm the only weak link, and he's not _bad_. An interesting choice of colour scheme, but it works well. A lot cheaper than the original, and now all six small toys have Autobot insignia. A must for Micromaster fans, and strongly recommended for Gestalt fans, since it's the strongest of the Micromaster Gestalts. I'm a fan of both, so I'm giving him 9/10

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