Sinnertwin Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sinnertwin
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Sentry
Alternate Mode: Two Headed Dog-Dragon Hybrid

Height: 5cm Length: 4.5cm Width: 12cm

   Sinnertwin moonlights as a yellow, jade & purple creature. He's basically rich yellow with jade limbs and a purple tailpiece. I say tailpiece since he has two tails moulded together. If you have the 1987 version he'll have a rubsign between the necks.

   The limbs, which are dog-like, swivel at the shoulders, and are built so he looks like a dog with springing power in his rear legs. The rear legs are actually flat both on the bottom (ie the tiptoes which dogs usually stand on) and the back (ie the soles of the feet that humans stand on and dogs lay on), so he can lie down. The two heads are dragonlike, with larger horns at the front and smaller ones at the back. The details on the heads are totally yellow and include teeth, eyes and the aforementioned horns. The right head is positioned slightly higher than the left one, which is a nice touch. He's got a rather boxy body, but it doesn't really look bad, he just looks "fit". The tails can point back or up - this is part of the transformation, but it's still a joint he can use.


   Flip the tails up, pull the rear section back, swing the heads onto his back. Swing the rear legs forward and up. Swing the front legs back and up. Stand up the robot mode and position the hands. Give him his handgun if you want.

Height: 8cm Width: 4cm

   Like his animal mode, Sinnertwin has a mainly yellow robot mode, with blue thighs, head and forearms. His eyes are silver and the shoulders of his animal legs sit there on his sides. His transformation and robot mode architecture are the same as Blot's (tail & heads aside) but Sinnertwin pulls it off a _lot_ better. He's still quite boxy in this mode, and his arms attach midway down his chest, but the colour scheme works well and aside from the arms the robot mode is proportioned fairly well.


   Like his buddies, his 1987 version had a rubsign & indent while the 1988 version did not.


   A cool animal mode and an OK robot mode, with good colours. His biggest loss is the lack of detail in the animal mode heads, since the idea is good and the execution a tad lacking. Still, he's a nice toy, if you like square-peg combiner components. If you don't, well you probably wont like him enough to justify the toy unless you want Abominus. I _do_ like him, despite his flaws - 6/10

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