SpyChanger Silverstreak Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Silverstreak
Series: Armada
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Gunner
Alternate Mode: Production Model Based Drag Racer

Height: 2cm Length: 8cm Width: 3cm

   If you read the tech spec on the back of the card you'll realise this is Bluestreak with a new name - they're no longer able to use that name for legal reasons - the recent TRU reissue was also called Silverstreak. Anyway, he's dark grey drag racer, although it's a production model style - so it ends up looking more like a NASCAR type of vehicle. The parachute backs on the back give him away as a Drag racer though. Silverstreak has a silver hood - making him the inverse of Bluestreak's cartoon incarnation - but it also means he does have a silver streak, which is logical. The raised engine block is also silver, while his windows are a very dark gold colour, almost like unpolished brass.

   There's a lot of detail in this mould, aside from just the parachute packs. He has rivets on his hood, side mirrors and doorhandles. His tyres are black, hubcaps silver, the front bumper is silver with a yellow lip right at the bottom for some reason. This yellow paint appears nowhere else on the toy, making me wonder why they did this, but it looks good. His headlights and taillights are painted red - the headlights look pretty stupid in red, though. He has an Autobot symbol on his hood, just in front of the engine block.

   It's a good mould, and this is a much better paint job that the first time around (Side Swipe). It doesn't really look like Bluestreak, but it is a very G1 style colour scheme. The parachute packs, coupled with air intakes on the side windows, show that during G2 when this mould was devised, care was taken with the design. Like all SpyChangers, Silverstreak has axles and rolls quite well.

   My initial feelings about this mould were quite negative, but the paint job makes all the difference - I really like Silverstreak's car mode. His red headlights look pretty dumb, but otherwise this is a good car mode.


   Pretty simple. Pull down the rear to form the legs, fold down the hood to form the chest, pull out the arms, and remove the gun from between his shins. This is a feature the original six moulds of this type didn't have, and it's a nice feature.

Height: 7cm Width: 4cm

   The dark grey is now joined by white. His arms and chest are dark grey (with that silver streak on his chest, thanks to the hood), his legs and head are white. His face is painted silver and he has pilot's goggles on - part of the drag racer scheme. He has a white gun.

   I didn't like the goggles on Side Swipe at all. I'm still of the opinion that they're silly, but with a better colour scheme they're tolerable on Silverstreak. The chestplate doesn't fold down properly unless you file down the year imprint on the hinging piece underneath. While this is easy to fix, it should have been corrected before getting into production - and again should have been fixed for this recolour. It doesn't ruin the toy but it's a shame they didn't bother tweaking the mould.

   Play value is what you'd expect of a SpyChanger - his shoulders rotate and he can hold his gun in either hand. Unlike some of the original Gobot moulds, he has no stability problems.

   Just like in the car mode, Silverstreak looks a _lot_ better than Side Swipe. The goggles are silly, and the hinge problem is annoying (until you file down the trademark stamp), but Silverstreak looks pretty decent overall. He doesn't really look like Bluestreak, though.


   None that I know of.


   A good mould, and while the goggles and red headlights are annoying, it's a nice colour scheme overall. If you like this type of toy, I'd recommend him, even if you have Side Swipe - who looks like he's been attacked by a kid with paint. Yes, there are still negatives, but Silverstreak is a nice SpyChanger - 8/10

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