Siege Spinister Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Spinister
Series: Siege
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Military Helicopter

Height: 6cm Length: 19cm Width: 9cm (body) 16am (rotors)

   An apache-like chopper with a dark blue front end and a dark pink rear end. The canopy windows are transparent blue while the rotors are grey.There are purple engine blocks on either side behind the stabiliser wings. There's a little bit of painted detailing of which the most notable is a Decepticon symbol tampographed onto the starboard side of the tail. The stabiliser wings are blue plastic while most of the rest of the blue is painted - the colour match very well, the paint is a little glossier though. It's a very distinctive colour scheme - it matches G1 nicely - these colours may be love or hate, but they're all Spinister.

   Play value is decent for a deluxe. The two-blade rotor on top spins really nicely, the four-blade rear tail rotor also spins fairly well. There's a sculpted landing gear under the front which can fold away - the wheel doesn't turn. Spinister is no longer a Targetmaster but has blue and purple guns that can plug in underneath the wings; similar to how the Targetmasters partners attach to G1 Spinister.

   There is some kibble here, but it's fairly minor. On the underside of the purple engine blocks are his grey fists - you won't really notice unless you're looking from behind. Rather uniquely, there's a fully detailed cockpit underneath - between the engine blocks. It's actually the left boot of the robot mode - so it IS kibble. It's not easy to spot from most angles, but it will bother some.

   Between the distinct colours and the apache styling, this is very much Spinister. While he's not a Targetmaster, the different coloured guns are a fairly good analog in this mode. The canopy underneath will annoy some, but personally I find it's tucked away nicely enough & is worth while in robot mode.


   Unclip the guns, if attached. Fold away the front wheel. Unclip the stabiliser wings, unlocking the false canopy. Fold out the left leg, swing the foot position & fold in the calf panel. Unclip the canopy, unfold the right leg, doing the same with foot and calf. Straighten up the legs. Unclip the engine blocks, unfold to form the arms. Unclip the top panel, pivoting the tail section underneath which will also pivot the head through through the chest. It's difficult to describe that last part, but it's pretty elegant and all sort of just falls into place. Partially fold up the rotors so they stick up on either side of his head, attach the guns as desired.

Height: 19cm Width: 7cm

   A pink, blue and purple robot. Spinister's legs are blue and groin and both boots are canopies - this is the payoff for that false canopy underneath the chopper. His arms are purple with grey fists while the chest is pink. His head is black with a light blue mouthplate & gold eyes. The pink tail rises behind his head with the rotor blades on either side. There's a tampographed Decepticon logo on his chest, rounding out a well formed robot mode that's a good update of the original robot mode - the colours match but he has much finer detail in the sculpt and an improved body shape.

   There are some clever aspects here. Firstly, while the G1 toy had the canopy as a single piece for both boots, this time around each boot is a distinct canopy. It works really well visually and is a great tribute to the G1 toy. The rotors cleverly lock into place so that they happily stay upright in position. He has a detailed sculpt as mentioned and the head is faithful.

   Spinister's play value mostly centres on his poseability. His head and waist rotate. The shoulders and hips both rotate and lift out to the sides. He has two hinges per elbow, along with bicep rotators. His knees are also hinged with rotators. The feet hinge back - it's there for transformation but adds poseability - and he has ankle tilts. Aside from a ball jointed head, I don't think we can ask for much more (I don't expect an ab crunch at this pricepoint). The guns can plug into his hands, the outsides of his forearms or onto his shoulders. They can also combine to form a single larger weapon, channeling Singe & Hairsplitter, which is a nice touch.

   I can't find fault here. Everything works - it's Spinister down to the colour of his mouth plate, there's a good sculpt, good poseability and they've even tributed the combined Targetmaster weapon. It really is a modern take on the G1 toy.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Two good modes, solid play value including excellent robot mode poseability, some really clever engineering and there's even subtle nods to the double Targetmaste gimmick. Spinister had one of the more unorthodox colour schemes of G1 and this toy has nailed it. This toy has taken a pretty obscure G1 character and just upgraded it really well. The only caveat is some find the false canopy underneath the chopper a negative - I personally don't. If you like/don't care about that, I'd strongly recommend this figure - 9.5/10

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