Siege Omega Supreme Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Omega Supreme
Series: Siege
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Rocket Base

Height: 58cm Length: 49cm Width: 48cm

   A very large rocket brown rocket base with an oval brown and beige track running around the outside. There are some yellow accents here and there, along with some silver painted details. We also have a large brown tank with black treads, a red front featuring an Autobot logo. It has a smallish brown, red and yellow turret and a large red cannon. And then there's the 2 foot tall brown rocket with three orange flames/tripod legs at the bottom. While the shape differs a little, this is a scaled up replica of the G1 toy. It's quite faithful really, but is composed of fewer separate pieces.

   The three separate components are distinct pieces and can easily separate from one another. The tank has plastic wheels underneath so it can roll along the track - but doesn't roll so well on other surfaces. The rocket doesn't do a whole lot on its own, but then you can "whoosh" it through the air and well yes that's intended. Adding to this place value, the tripod can fold out to form flames in flight and there's two panels near the nose that open to reveal a compartment for Countdown (or any other Micromaster) to ride inside.

   It probably goes without saying that this base mode is impressive due to it's sheer size, but the multiple parts also add to the majesty. The rocket is proportionally longer than its G1 counterpart too which makes it quite impressive. One regression from G1 is that the tank turret cannot turn, and another is that he's lo longer motorised. I actually don't mind that last one as electronics add to the retail cost & can fail over time anyway - especially if batteries are left inside for years.

   An impressively large base mode with some good play value. The tank has less going on that G1, which will bother some, but it's by no means a bad tank mode. For mine this is offset by the sheer scale of this mode... that rocket is just huge and imposing... and the fact other bots can ride in it. Whatever you think about that trade off, they've nailed the colours here, so it's unmistakably Omega Supreme.


   In summary, the tower part of the rocket base forms his back, the tank folds up and clips in forming the chest, and the rear of the turret forms his head. The front and rear sections of the track detach and fold up to clip into his back as the wings. The sides of the track fold down to form his legs. The rocket... amazingly doesn't come apart and forms BOTH arms with the spine becoming his shoulder blades while the paneling around it clips down over the wings, locking them into place.

   Sure, he's still technically a parts former. But then the three main sections of the base mode are always going to be separate pieces. There's no yellow clips to lose and no "extra" track pieces that don't really neatly form part of his wings. So it's a vast improvement on the G1 transformation which really was a parts former.

Height: 56cm Width: 38cm (wingspan)

   A 35 inch tall brown giant with yellow shins, shoulders and two prominent yellow patches on his chest. His abdominal section is red, the right hand is a transparent orange three pronged claw and the left is a silver gun nozzle. There's a red Autobot logo smack in the centre of his torso. His face is yellow with red eyes and sits behind a transparent yellow mask - as seen in the G1 cartoon - with a red faux-turret hanging out the back (this actually comes out just for the robot mode as an adornment!). The iconic beige wings sit in behind his shoulders. As with most Siege toys, this robot mode is very faithful to G1; it's Omega Supreme as we saw in the cartoon (the main difference to the G1 toy is the face). There's a LOT of sculpted detail across this robot and while there is some battle damage on the shins and forearms, there's actually a gradient to it, so it succeeds in looking like battle damage (something that not all Siege toys manage). He looks good, faithful and well... huge.

   Play value is about what you'd expect of a Titan in the Siege line - I count SIXTEEN blast effect attachments on the torso alone and the yellow panels on his chest can lift up to reveal two different moulded missile racks (with red painted missile tips). The yellow shin panels can open to reveal what I could best describe as storage for Countdown... I'm not sure it adds a whole lot but it allows Countdown to interact with Omega. There is of course no walking gimmick as he lacks electronics.

   He's very poseable and the majority of the joints are firm ratchets - needed to support his considerable weight. The head (no ratchet) and waist rotate. The shoulders swing and lift out to the sides, the elbows lift and rotate (no ratchets). The hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees are hinged. It's not immediately obvious but there are ankle tilts - which of course ratchet. Lastly there are two joints per prong of his claw - the ones at the base are ratcheted. It's a fantastic level of poseability for a toy of this size.

   A visually impressive hulking giant that's faithful to G1 and with a bunch of poseability. There's something to be said for the fact he towers over everyone from Siege except Skyfire. The amount of play value they've managed to get into his is impressive given he has no hand weapons as such.

Name: Countdown
Alternate Mode: Moon Buggy

Height: 3cm Length: 4.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A red moon buggy with a beige core & black plastic tyres. There's no paint in this mode at all. Notably, the front wheels are red pegs while the rear wheels are silver rivets which is a little off-putting. Otherwise he's faithful to G1 - including the red comms dish in top.

   The only play value here is the rolling wheels and a hinge that allows the dish to move up and down. Well and he can roll along Omega Supreme's track - which is much wider than Countdown is.

   Truthfully there's not much to tell - it's a Micromaster vehicle that's not based on any real life vehicle as such. I do wish there was something in the way of paint to distract from the mismatched wheels, though.


   Flip out the front and separate into his boots, swing the sides down to form his arms and swing the dish in against his back.

Height: 6cm Width: 3.5cm

   A red and beige robot - the boots and arms are red while his thighs, head and torso are beige. There's a grey peg for the usual weapon mode option running down the centre of his chest. His face is silver with blue eyes. The tyres sit outside his shoulders and knees. While the layout is just like G1, the colour differ a fair bit - greys have become beige and the face is silver rather than blue. It's not a bad colour scheme, just different.

   Countdown's poseability features rather restricted shoulder ball joints, far less restricted hip ball joints and knee hinges. There are no heelspurs but unlike some of the recent Micromasters, he doesn't have trouble standing. There are little gunbarrels moulded on the outsides of his hands which gives some play value - this is faithful to G1.

   A general improvement on his G1 self and despite the colour changes, this is unmistakably Countdown. A solid robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Two good updates to the original characters - both are fairly faithful to their G1 selves but Omega Supreme is moreso. It's an odd choice to give Omega Supreme a Micromaster partner - but when you think about Countdown's G1 rocket base it makes sense to give Omega Supreme to Countdown. Some will lament the lack of electronics here, but there's still a bunch of play value; and I think most adult fans would take poseability over an electronics gimmick anyway. It's a pricy set so I won't recommend him no matter what - that depends on your budget - but it's certainly a rewarding figure that really nails doing a modernised Omega Supreme. My only knock is that Countdown only loosely interacts with Omega Supreme, but is still a good little figure himself - 9/10

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