Shuffler Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Shuffler
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cyberton
Alternate Mode: Elephant/Headmaster Head

Thanks to Griffin for loaning me Shuffler, making this review possible.

Height: 3cm Length: 6cm Width: 2.5cm

   A plum coloured robotic elephant with a sort of clay colour on his limbs, Shuffler has small light blue eyes. There's a curved but very wide trunk at the front, flanked by two tusks. There are clay coloured angular ears attached to the top of his forelimbs, and no tail.

   The legs can swing although the movement of the front legs looks really weird thanks to the ears moving with them, but at least there's some play value here. He's not that easy to pick as an elephant at first glance, but once you pick the tusks and trunk it's obviously what he's meant to be (even if there's more than a hint of warthog in the result).


   Swing back the front legs, fold up the rump & fold down the hindlegs. Fold the face hidden underneath up, which also swings the attachment point out, and you're done.

   A clay coloured face with red eyes and a tall purple crown. There's a mouthplate and overall it's a simple face. The colours are quite bland really but not at all garish. He's neutral enough that he'll work fairly well interchanged into most Headmaster toys.

   If you plug him into a Headmaster the tech spec meter will read SPD 7, STR 10 and INT 8.


   As with all of the Headmaster heads, Shuffler was only available in Japan. There was an all-white store exclusive version, which is very rare.


   An interesting concept in an elephant and unusual colours, and Shuffler is the trickiest Headmaster head to find, so there's definitely some mystique about him. Sadly the elephant mode isn't all that well defined and the colours aren't especially noteworthy, so while he has probably the most interesting transformation amongst the Headmaster heads he's one of the blander overall. He's more notable for his rarity - even compared to the other rare Headmaster heads - than anything else, which is a shame since the concept is perhaps the most innovative - 6/10

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