Sharpedge Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sharpedge
Series: Beast Wars Neo
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Deep Sea Assault
Alternate Mode: Sawfish

Height: 10.5cm Length: 26cm Width: 10cm

   A gunmetal blue cartilaginous fish, Sharpedge is a repaint and retool of Cybershark. Instead of the spots on Cybershark's back, Sharpedge has some pale blue patches on his back. The sides "fade" to a pale beige towards the bottom while the ribbed taillobes and pectoral fins. Sharpedge has orange eyes, pale blue "teeth" on the saw and red teeth in his upper jaw. The colours are fairly close to those of Cybershark, which makes sense since sharks and sawfishes are related types of animal. At any rate it's a sensible and essentially attractive colour scheme, without being controversial or unrealistic.

   Sharpedge has been significantly remoulded, and most of the changes are for the better. The sawfish head looks far more natural on this shark body than the hammerhead, since the body is too fat for a hammerhead. Sawfishes are usually flatter than this, but it still works fairly well. The tail is longer and the lobes are well sculpted. The pectoral fins have been resculpted as well, although they're no more sawfish-like than Cybersharks (sawfish fins look like those on rays).

   There are a total of seven fins, including two small ones underneath the tail that sweep forward for some reason. The dorsal and pectoral fins are the most prominent fins, as you'd expect. The pectoral fins are ball jointed, representing the only poseability in this mode. Not that I'm asking for more, mind you.

   The tail rescultping also allows Sharpedge to rest on the fins underneath, they sit better than Cybershark's could - you don't need to move the pectoral fins to the same extent that Cybershark's need to move. Adding to his play value is a launcher mechanism. There's a grey button on top of his head which fires... his head... well most of it. The front of the upper jaw (including the saw) will fire - and it's a fairly powerful launcher. What's left afterwards is a red robotic upper jaw which which reminds me of a whale stripped of blubber. Both jaws actually have these teeth, but you don't really see them with the head over the top of them. For some reason you can lift the launcher (and the head projectile) up 90. Sharpedge also comes with two grey missiles which can be loaded into the launcher.

   While there's still a shark buried underneath the changes, the similarities between sawfishes and sharks are enough that Sharpedge works. The colour scheme does what it needs to, the saw looks good and the play value is decent. It's a good beast mode and the retooling is all positive here. He's also the only sawfish Transformer, which counts for something.


   Remove the missile-head and the tail. Open the side panels to reveal the robot stuff - pull down the legs which will drag the robotic shark head down to form his chest, along with revealing his head. Flip up his feet, pull out the arms. You can attach the sawhead as a sword and the tail as a claw-weapon (there's a handle along with a silver upper claw that pops out).

   Like Cybershark, Sharpedge is very much a shellformer, which I can deal with. The transformation hasn't changed but the head works a _lot_ better as weapon, so this toy feels less kibbly. The potential pitfall of detachable pieces hasn't been addressed mind you - lost missiles are one thing but a lost head and tail are another matter entirely.

Height: 16cm Width: 9cm

   Gunmetal blue and grey are again his main colours, mixed across the robot mode, with some red paint inside the shark-body panels that sit behind the shoulders and on the groin. The red really does look like flesh which is just as unsettling as on Cybershark, although the face is less demonic. The weird shark mouth has been replaced by a more robotic blue face with a silver mouth and yellow eyes. In keeping with the fish theme Sharpedge sports a pale blue fin on top of his head which extends down his face, forming a sort of nose. The colour scheme is quite similar to that of Cybershark, but as with everything else on this retool, improves slightly. While the blue is darker the most significant difference is the face. At any rate the colour scheme here looks good - especially the metallic grey plastic on his feet, forearms and boots.

   Since everything tucks away inside the shark there's a lot of poseability here. The shoulders and hips are ball joints with swivels below them while the ankles, knees and elbows are hinged. The head is on a ball joint that's unrestricted, although the head is surrounded by shoulder blades. The feet have compact yet effective heelspurs, which is a good thing when you consider how much is hanging off his back (the dorsal fin and the side panels). So long as you've got the feet underneath the centre of gravity you're set - the effective poseability is impressive.

   There are two grey missiles that store in his back, which can clip into the launcher now on his chest - this is probably why the launcher lifts up. I'm not really a fan of that function though - a handheld launcher would have been much cooler. Still, the missiles work very well as handheld clubs and have moulded shark mouth, eyes and gills!The tail-claw works well enough and Cybershark's awful warhammer is replaced by a nice saw, so Sharpedge has four effective handheld weapons and two hands. I'd rather be spoiled for choices than left with no options.

   The head is much better than Cybershark's and the kibble weaponry works better, so while he's nothing revolutionary, Takara have again tweaked the mould for Sharpedge. His Poseability is good, the range of weaponry is fun, and while the kibbly and simple nature of this robot mode might be considered a negative, I feel they allow the robot mode to work well.


   None that I know of. As mentioned, he's a retool of Cybershark. The BWII toy Hellscream is another retooling of the same mould.


   A good retooling which addresses many of the shortcomings of the original. Granted there are still some negatives here - loss of the detachable pieces renders the beast mode useless - but the weaponry in robot mode is much better and the beast mode is nowhere near as forced as Cybershark's. Sharpedge is likely to be the only sawfish Transformer for quite a while which in itself increases his appeal. If you only want one version of this mould, track down Sharpedge - 9/10

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