Shattered Glass Ravage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ravage
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Heroic Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Microcassette

Height: 3.5cm Width: 5cm Depth: 1cm

   A white microcassette with some metallic blue painted on the edges of either side, Ravage lacks any cassette sticker details like those found on the original Ravage, although he is essentially the same size. There's a red Heroic Decepticon logo on one side, and I'm calling that side the top, because the other side is more gappy. The colours here don't really sell the illusion of a microcassette as the G1 cassettes did, and it's not really traditional Ravage either, since this repaint is inspired by Glit (who does have cassette markings on one side). While I would have liked some cassette details I think the focus was on the panther mode, and these details would have stuck out there.

   There are spool holes here, but also lots of gaps (mainly on the bottom), and the grey tail is visible one on edge on the topside. The cassette doesn't fit into G1 Soundwave, despite being the same size as the G1 cassettes - it's just too lumpy to slide in. It does fit into the Soundblaster mould, so it will fit into the recent Soundwave reissues using this mould, including the modified Encore version with Soundblaster-style visible hinges (thanks to Andrew Murchison for this info). The slight protrusion tail doesn't help, either. Basically it sits there being a white & blue rectangle. It _can_ clip onto the back of Scorch's Jeep mode (the two are sold together), but looks odd there.

   A basic block with holes, it's really not a terribly convincing cassette. As with many Classics/Henkei toys, the robot mode (well, panther mode in this case) is the main show. It does what it has to and nothing more. This is rare occasion where the exclusive repaint is less convincing that the original (in this mode, anyway).


   Swing out the tail, swing out the hindlegs from the bottom side, lift them up above the topside, swing out the hind paws. Fold down the front legs, swing out the front paws and swing out his head.

Height: 4.5cm Width: 8.5cm

   A white panther with metallic blue lower legs and white feet, referencing the die cast metal on the original toy, Ravage has that red Decepticon logo on his back and small yellow eyes on either side of his head. This is one of the simplest colour schemes you'll see, but it suits the character quite well. There are blue false hip missiles here (which aren't painted on Ravage).

   Most Classics/Henkei toys are trying to improve or expand on the original in some way. The cassette mode is a regression on G1 Ravage/Glit, so the "improvements" are all in this panther mode. The transformation gives his body a width not seen on the animal cassettes from G1 (although Grandslam managed it). The cassette unfolds quite cleverly in fact - Ravage is wide without any gigantic gaps here, and while his body is quite small, it doesn't look sparse. There are spool holes (well halves of them) on all four hips. The integrated missiles are a feature only fully utilised here, and they're also part of the improvement.

   Ravage's poseability here is pretty good for his size, considering the transformation. His tail can lift up while the head can move up and down. His mouth is fixed in an open position and the front hips are fixed. The rear hips and all four knees are hinged. Unlike the original, the paws themselves are fixed in place. Some walking poses are possible. The poseability is a step down from the G1 toy, but this one is focussing more on width and display value.

   A good jaguar mode - the width this mode manages is quite spectacular. He's more of a display piece than a play piece, but his poseability is still quite good. The colours are very much in contrast to Ravage, but this works as a Shattered Glass repaint.


   None that I'm aware of. As Ravage was availably exclusively at BotCon 2010, he was likely limited to a single production run, making variants unlikely.


   A pretty basic cassette mode serves only to support the panther mode, but that panther mode is quite spectacular. With a clever transformation giving the beast mode a width the original lacked, Ravage displays very well. The colours are pure Shattered Glass, and while they make the cassette even less convincing, they work well in robot mode - even giving him visible hip missiles. Thanks to the bum deal that is his cassette mode, on its own this toy is a non starter, but as part of the BotCon set (and Shattered Glass theme), he works well - 8/10

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