Seizan Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Seizan
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Mountain Warrior
Alternate Mode: Electric Passenger Train Engine Car

Height: 3cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 2cm

   A small beige electric driving motor carriage with red stripes down the side and a silver roof, Seizan is actually a real intercity passenger carriage (485 class). He's pretty realistic and well detailed for his size - underneath he has a black engine block, which is actually the (well stowed) robot arms. The front window is a dark silver metallic foil sticker, underneath this is a moulded window. The side windows are left unpainted, and contrast with the red stripes at the same level. There are narrow stripes on the front as well as his class (L-485) on the sides. The roof section is metallic silver plastic. It's a decent colour scheme, and since it's accurate to a real train, it's difficult to really object too much.

   The Trainbots are Diaclone moulds, so Seizan is meant to fit a Diaclone Driver. Rather than having a proper cockpit, he stows his driver (well, his Diaclone version did) inside the front section. You can open it out, the sides fold down, and put a Diaclone driver in there. It's pretty stupid, but doesn't really matter since he no longer comes with the driver.

   There are two sets of doors moulded into the sides of the train mode, two crew doors at the front and rear passenger doors. The bogeys are visible on either side, and are black plastic (they're identical those on the other limb Trainbots), and have die cast wheels, that are train wheels and not just flat surfaced wheels. These wheels roll, and would probably roll on tracks if you have a model railway of the right gauge.

   On the rear of the roof, on the right hand side, is a rubsign indent, if you're lucky there'll be a rubsign. This is the only allegiance symbol on the entire toy - but considering he's decked out in the paint job of an actual train model, I don't have a problem with this. it's not like many small G1 toys had faction symbols any way.

   Considering the small size and the age of this mould, it's actually a really nifty little train mode. The detail is impressive, and I like the fact that he's a real train model - and looks like it. The train is a little dated, now, but I'm not really sure if I should hold that against a toy that was sold 18 years ago.


   Remove the crew cabin section, fold out the sides to flatten it out into his backpack. Extend the rear section to form the legs. Fold out the arms from underneath the carriage, swing them up (if you don't, they'll interfere with the waist), rotate the waist 180, attach the wings as a backpack if you like (you can leave it off you like, I suppose). Give him his handgun if you've got it (I do not).

Height: 8.5cm Width: 5cm

   Seizan's now a combination of beige, black and silver. His shins, feet and groin are silver, his chest and thighs are beige, and his arms and head are black. His face is painted silver, and his head has a pretty decent level of detail, despite him having a mouthplate rather than a visible mouth. His shoulders, well, the chest panels to which they are connected, are shiny blue stickers, the left one has "L-485" on it, a Diaclone hangover. His head is actually mounted inside a recess on the block that is his torso - he has beige shoulder towers. This colour scheme isn't really very unified, which is largely due to the realistic disparate colours of the vehicle mode. It doesn't look bad by any means, but it's nothing fantastic.

   There's a groove between his shins, which are a single piece, and the shins are just the roof off the train, but are fairly well hidden on his train mode. The legs don't really have any articulation, his his shoulders rotate, so he has some articulation. They can also swing inwards, although it's cheating since this is part of the transformation.

   Seizan's only allegiance symbol is the rubsign now on his left shin, but it's more than Yukikaze has so I'm happy with it. His poseability is quite limited, and the colour scheme is a little muddled. I like the idea of the backpack becoming wings - even if they are fairly kibbly wings.

   This mode has both good and bad features, but considering how realistic the train mode is, it's a pretty good effort for combining toy this old. He's kinda cute, too (c8


   None that I'm aware of as such. He is based on a Diaclone toy of the same colour scheme, so if you find one without a rubsign indent it's likely a Diaclone. The Diaclone has a weak launcher built in, which "shoots" (releases) the front section. There's a longish post on the front to accommodate this. He was reissued during the Japanese G1 era, and while he came in a different box I'm not aware of any changes made to the toy itself. Any variants would no doubt fetch a silly price.


   Considering the age of the toy, Seizan's quite nice. I like the train mode a lot - it _really_ looks like a little electric motor car, and it's quite faithful to the car it's based on. The robot mode isn't quite as nice, but it's still a good effort. I should point out that he usually sells for over $US100, and I paid less than $A40 for both him and Yukikaze, so while he's worth the price I paid, he's not really worth what he usually goes for. Assuming you're willing to pay the going rate, or are determined to get Raiden to complete your Headmasters cartoon collection, Seizan is a good toy - 7/10

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