Seaspray Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Seaspray
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Naval Defence
Vehicular Mode: Hovercraft

Height: 3cm Length: 7cm Width: 3cm

   Blue, white & yellow hovercraft, in a nutshell. The cushion is blue, the rear rack (holding the two black turbines) is yellow and the 'bridge' is white. I use inverted commas since he has cockpit windows at the front of the craft (no glass, just holes). He has wheels so he does roll along on land. In water he does float but the rear sinks blow waterline. No, I didn't test him for this review. Let's just say I got my money's worth out of Seaspray as a child and had no need for a rubberducky. The front has an indent for a rubsign (and if you're lucky a rubsign).

   It's a pretty simple vehicle, but hey it floats, has wheels and it's turbines spin - even if they do look more like WWII bomber propellers than turbines.


   Pull the front to become the feet, and fold said feet up. Flip back the turbine rack to reveal the head. Position the arms if you can - I remember from my childhood this was one toy that lost it's stiffness very easily.

Height: 6.5cm to the head, 8cm to the top of the turbine rack Width: 3cm

   Like all other second wave minicars, Seaspray is slightly more detailed than the first lot. He's also not a car (only Beachcomber is amongst this group), making the subset something of a misnomer. He has blue feet and arms, yellow legs & head and a white chest. Oh and his only allegiance is the rubsign now on his feet. He can move his arms, although as mentioned above the joints wear very easily making him hard to position. Cute robot, but he has rather funny looking feet since they're too big, stuck together and very pointy.


   He was redone in G2. While not strictly speaking a variation, the only differences were a G2 stamp and vacuum metallised blue instead of flat blue. Not counting the purple variation of the G2 version.


   In retrospect, the colour scheme isn't the best. His feet are kind of odd. But he's cute and fun to play with. Fans of poseability will be disappointed but fans of the G1 cartoon will like him simply because he played a significant part in many episodes. Overall a nice toy for it's size and time, but not awesome - 6/10

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