Scythe vs Ramjet Toy Review

Individual Review

Thanks to Pulse for donating Scythe & Ramjet for this review

Name: Scythe
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Helicopter

Height: 3cm Length: 6cm Width: 8cm

   An osprey-sort of helicopter-thing, Scythe is a repaint of Makeshift, who also wasn't quite sure if he was a plane or a helicopter. The fuselage is a sunset-sky blue (not quite dark enough to be cobalt blue, but not light enough to be considered sky blue), the rotors are smoky transparent plastic with black bases and some yellow on their anchor points. His cockpit windows are painted red and there's a stamped Autobot logo on top of the fuselage. The colours are generally dark, save for the yellow, so he gets away with this mix fairly well. The sides sport "SWAT A1" in white lettering on the sides. I bet every SWAT team on Earth would love an Osprey in their fleet!

   Scythe essentially looks like a bomber with giant rotors on top of the wingtips. Oh and his wings actually sweep forwards slightly. His wingtips are cylinders, which point up and support the rotors. These rotors are quite thick and the cylinders also bulky - I'm not so sure if this vehicle was real that it'd ever get off the ground.

   Play value is limited to spinning the rotors. He has no wheels on his underside, just some white bumps. The colour scheme is pretty strange but not really garish - just unlikely. Despite the strange colour choices, the mould is good enough that Scythe's vehicle mode is decent.


   Fold the tail up onto the fuselage, swing the cylinders back and fold up the rotor blades.

   You can sit Scythe loose or attach him to a larger Transformer. The rotor blades' thickness is deliberate - now they form gatling gun style barrels. You can spin the twin guns, too. He looks pretty decent as a gun, too, having six barrels. Not really a handheld weapon, but he works as a shoulder attachment, and can sit by himself quite nicely.


   Fold the rotor blades up. Fold the tail up on top of the fuselage, you can then swing the legs out and back. Fold down the nose and lift out the head. Fold the wings into the chest and swing back the cylinders to form the arms, position the arms.

Height: 5.5cm Width: 4cm

   Quite stout & stocky, Scythe's a tough looking robot. His chest, head, upper arms and shins are blue, elbows & thighs are black and his claws are transparent plastic. Yes, he has claws, not hands. They're formed from the rotor blades. His face is red, which looks a little strange, but not as much as the yellow on his wrists. While the colour scheme ends up okay, the choices on this toy do seem really random.

   The big claws combined with giant elbows mean this guy has long arms. He also has a short torso and a head that's a little bit forward. He almost looks like a hunchback. It's not that bad, but it's there. This is probably his main flaw in this mode. His poseability is fair, there are two sets of swivels on the shoulders and his claws can open and close.


   As mentioned, he is a repaint of Armada's Makeshift.


   This is a decent MiniCon mould with a fairly good weapon mode, but the colours are too random for me to get excited about this particular repaint. The vehicle mode is a little ambiguous and the robot mode has some proportion problems, but the mould is strong enough that Scythe still works. He even gets a never-before-used name - 5/10
Name: Ramjet
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Sub-orbital Plane

Height: 2.5cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   A white and light grey wedge shaped plane with metallic maroon wings at the back which slope upwards, Ramjet is a repaint of Sonar in colours which do a good job of tributing G1 Ramjet. The mould's cockpit is left unpainted with metallic blue is painted _behind_ this is a poor attempt at a larger cockpit. There is a Decepticon logo stand on the starboard wing, facing inwards. I'm not sure if this is a NASA concept plane or simply made up, but it looks pretty good and has space shuttle style tiles moulded and two small grey tailfins at the back. There's a black lump underneath, which is the hilt of the Star Saber, and Ramjet pretty much rests on this - there are no wheels underneath. The hilt can swing up onto the top of the plane, where it looks like a cannon of some sort. This represents Ramjet's only plane mode play value.

   This is a good plane mode with a rather forced colour scheme. The idea of the colour scheme is right, but the designer has laid the colours out poorly. The sub-orbital plane is a nice idea, although I'm not sure that it'll be ramming much all the way up there. Hasbro seem to like giving this mould inappropriate names.


   Slide the front out to form the legs, rotate the nose halves around to form feet. Fold the hilt onto his back, flip up the head. Fold out the forearms and you're done.

Height: 6cm Width: 5.5cm

   Ramjet has a grey upper body with a red eyestrip, black legs and grey feet. The maroon wings hang off the outsides of his shoulders, adding some colour to a pretty dull colour scheme. There isn't much of G1 Ramjet in the colours here, but it's nowhere near as forced, either.

   Ramjet's poseability is good - his shoulders swing and the elbows bend, while the hips can lift out to the sides - the latter isn't terribly useful. The ankles are ball joints, which allows for some relaxed leg poses. Much of the detailing here is wasted on the black and grey plastics Ramjet has.


   As mentioned, he is a repaint of Armada's Sonar, with a name that's almost as inappropriate as that one.


   A good mould with a colour scheme that doesn't really do it justice and a name that doesn't belong. Ramjet's tribute is fairly weak anyway, so I would have preferred him doing something new - although perhaps not in the blue of Scythe. It's not a bad colour scheme, but Sonar's was better, and this one just feels like an unfocussed repaint. The mould is still strong enough that Ramjet works - 7.5/10

   Two repaints that aren't as good as the originals, but both moulds are strong ones with unusual vehicle modes. If you missed Armada then the moulds are enough for this set to have something too offer, but as repaints these guys just don't offer much. It _is_ one of the better MiniCon packs Cybertron gave us, but is still fairly forgettable 6.5/10

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