Scourge Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Scourge
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Sweep Leader / Tracker (the function changed when he was repackaged as a Targetmaster)
Alternate Mode: Plane

Height: 5.5cm Length: 17cm Width: 7cm

   A pale blue boat-shaped plane with three gun towers at the back. There's a royal blue section on top, which includes the larger, central gun tower. Scourge is unlike any sort of Earthen plane you're ever likely to see - he looks more like a hovercraft than anything else. There's a blue crest at the front, which is a sticker, while the royal blue on top is blue plastic at the rear with paint or stickers at the front. There's a Decepticon symbol on top of this "front", which is the middle of the vehicle. The two blues work quite well together, and the hull is simple and unified.

   Scourge's vehicle is one of the most distinctive amongst the "Cybertronian" G1 vehicles, and much of the hull is basically a shell. The shell works though, since he's sleek and solid. There isn't a lot of detail here, but that's a design choice rather than laziness (which becomes obvious when you unveil the detailed robot mode). Most of the detail here is centred on the three guns, which look vaguely like lasers.

   There's not much play value here - but to be honest I don't expect it of a mode like this, which is about visual impact. There are three small wheels underneath ant the central gun can turn (about 70 each way, then it hits the side guns). Considering that Scourge is a solid lump, I can't see too many more movable parts here, except maybe some tack-on weapons.

   While it's an unusual vehicle mode, the idea comes off well, and as the designer intended. Scourge is certainly distinct, and looks pretty good despite not doing much. His play value isn't any worse than comparable G1 toys, mind you - but the simple sculpt makes it a little more obvious. The visual impact of this mode is really what it's all about, and on that level Scourge works quite well.


   The original shellformer. Slide the bow forward, slide the sides out, fold the rear jet down and swing underneath the now exposed robot torso. Split the bow section, rotate back and swing the covers back to reveal his boots. Fold up Scourge's feet push up the head and push the chestplate flush onto the chest itself. Give him is handgun and you're done.

Height: 18cm Width: 11cm

   The pale blue that was so prevalent in the plane mode has retreated to his wings now - most of this robot is royal blue, save for his grey face and thighs. The eyes are red, along with the central dot on his head-mounted cannon (the central gun of the plane mode). There's a yellow sticker on his chestplate, flanked by some silver stickers, but this robot mode is all about royal blue. The thighs are actually die cast metal, the wings are actually just panels hanging off his back, but really do work well as wings, something that's obvious when you look at the animated version of this character (which has bat-like wings).

   Scourge has an almost gothic feel to his face, which has styled facial hair sculpting, which is angular and still robotic, but strongly reminds of a moustache and goatee. The batwings on cartoon Scourge make the gothic feel even stronger. The face is quite detailed, and the torso and ams have a pretty good sculpt compared to most other early G1 Decepticons.

   Scourge's poseability is fairly good, with swinging shoulders and hinged elbows. The knees bend a little and the hips can rotate, and while neither of these bring a lot of movement, there's a little wiggle. The leg articulation is a by-product of the transformation, granted, but the arm articulation is dedicated to this mode. The cannon on top of his head can turn through 360, and he carries a royal blue handgun.

   An impressive robot mode, one which has a lot of character. While it's the more detailed of his two modes, I'd probably say they're on par with one another. There aren't really any limitations to this mode, other than the dominance of royal blue - which isn't such a bad thing unless you dislike the shade.


   I've already covered the painted and plastic variation in vehicle mode, but I should add that the head-mounted cannon that came with the painted wing version easily separates into three pieces. The Targetmaster has larger fistholes to accommodate Fracas, a grey and black Nebulon that transforms into his gun, and lacks the blue handgun that the original comes with. The Targetmaster has a larger hole in his head, along with a larger post on the head-mounted cannon, while the stickers on this release are shinier. Thanks to FortMax for information on Scourge's variations.


   While the character was very poorly developed in the cartoon series, this is a very good toy, with two distinct modes. The vehicle mode is quite unique and is visually striking while the wings and unusual facial sculpt make sure the robot mode stands out. The Targetmaster (which I don't have) is quite similar, and I'm not sure that you'd want both, but Scourge is cool enough that I'd get one version of this toy - 7.5/10

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