Scoop Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Scoop
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Subgroup: Targetmaster
Function: Field Infantry
Alt Mode: Payloader

Height: 5cm Length: 14cm Width: 6cm

   A predominantly orange payloader, Scoop looks fairly convincing as a construction vehicle, since most of them are orange (I've yet to see a lime & purple one). He's got a yellow bucket and black bucket arm. The super-sized tired are black. There's a few stickers visible in this mode, although none really enhance the payloader aside from those on the sides of the bucket which are designed to look like pistons. The large tyres look good, and they have large treads. Probably the only real downside is the fact that the arms (which rest on the sides of the vehicle) make the front half wider than the back. Being a Targetmaster, Scoop has five spots where you can stick Tracer & Holepunch, if you have them. There's two holes on the back of the vehicle, one on each side and one on the front between the bucket and the cabin.


   Swing the front wheels down so that the fenders stick up, then swing the back of the vehicle down to form the legs. Stand up and swing the entire front half of the payloader down so the bucket points forward. Swing the cabin right back to reveal the head, then swing the bucket back to reveal the chest. Swing the arms down and fold out the hands. Attach Tracer & Holepunch to the sides of his arms.

Height: 12cm Width: 6cm

   Scoop's robot mode colours are the same as his payloader mode - but there's more yellow. His head, hands & thighs are yellow, the rest orange, with leftover vehicle bits black. He's an Autobot symbol well placed on the top of his chest. He comes with Tracer and Holepunch, who are yellow and blue respectively. I'm pretty neutral on the small Targetmaster guns, although these two buck the trend and have their handles on their legs, not their chests, which looks stupid. Both form dual-barrelled guns.

   Scoop is alone in the Targetmasters in two ways: he's got a hole on his chest for his weapons (so he can use them if looking through a sight) and he has no holes in his fists - the holes are on the outside of his wrists. His fists are way too small for him to hold his Targetmasters. His head is small and a little too far back, and his legs are moulded from one piece of plastic (with a deep groove between them). He's not a bad toy, but there are both good & bad points to this mode.




   Well, like the other second year Targetmasters, he's smaller than the originals. He doesn't show quite as much care in his design as the larger Targetmasters, either. The big negative of Scoop is the lack of holes in his fists. But it's not all gloom, he's got a nice colour scheme and a good vehicle mode. As it is, I quite like his robot mode, despite his flaws. But I wouldn't loose sleep over not being able to find him if I didn't have him. If you like Quickmix, you should like Scoop - 6/10

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