Scavenger Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Scavenger
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Mining & Salvage
Alternate Mode: Steam Shovel

Height: 8cm Length: 6cm Width: 4cm

   A green shovel with a purple window and purple treads. Sure, you may think painting treads purple is kinda odd, but no more so than Bonecrusher's lime green treads. Besides, they resisted the urge to slap purple all over the guy. In fact he's the only Constructicon with appreciable amounts of purple on his vehicle mode. The cabin is on his left and the arm is made of a slightly softer plastic as the rest of him, making it a very slightly different shade of green.

   The dimensions I gave are assuming you have the arm folded back, his length and height are going to vary. The arm has a joint at the base and one midway along, although the bucket is fixed to the front half of the arm, it still allows for pretty good play value. The top half of the vehicle can swing 360 degrees around while the treads stay put, which is an added bonus. You can attach Devastator's wrist as a missile launcher, but it gets in the way of the arm and looks pretty stupid. Oh, and his treads have no wheels on them, so he slides rather than rolls.

   A good mode, with good motion possibilities. A bucket hinge would be good, though the arm works anyway. Ignore the attack mode, and Scavenger's a pretty good toy.


   Make sure the arm is pointing forward, then fold down the treads, flip the feet out. Flip up the head and pull out the arms. Give him his gun.

Height: 10cm Width: 4cm

   A very tasteful green above the waist and purple below, Scavenger has a die cast metal chest and a black head with silver face. Yes, that's right, he's got die cast metal, something only Hook shares with him amongst the Constructicons. Oh yes, he has the shovel arm on his back, it sort of just sits there, sticking out.

   A well designed robot, overall. Even his kibble-arm on the back doesn't really get in the way - it's light enough that he has no trouble standing. It's show accurate, too, since the cartoon Scavenger has it, too. Part of the transformation involves securing the green part of the torso against the metal part, so that the swivel of the shovel mode is disabled. This is achieved by the legs holding the front of the shovel in place. He has holes on his shoulders that are identical to those on his fists. I suspect they're there to reduce the amount of plastic, and therefore cost, involved. But they allow him to have a "fusion cannon" similar to Megatron, although of all the Constructicons, Scavenger's the one I'd least expect to have delusions of grandeur.

   His only real poseability is his arms, although his head can look up and down, and his feet can swing out or in and he can lean forward. Oh yes, he has a metal post on his chest which can fold down. But that's part of his transformation into arm mode.   

   Scavenger's biggest downfall is the hollow plastic on his arms, and even then there's an upside to that. His legs are a little skinny, also, being the treads, but they could be a lot worse. A good robot mode, with a good colour scheme.


   There was the late G1 "European" Scavenger (no metal peg for Devastator mode) & the yellow orange G2 versions, but no variations of G1 Scavenger as such.


   As with his teammates, Scavenger's a good toy. He's got a good colour scheme, good play value and both modes are strong. While he has a couple of shortcomings, they're not major and outweighed by the positives. Of course, he's worth getting just to make Devastator, but as a standalone toy, I'd give him 7.5/10

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