Scattorshot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Scattorshot
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Half-Track Missile Launcher

Height: 4cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   A mid half-track with a navy blue twin missile launcher above the treads, Scattorshot sports two long grey missiles - which are actually longer than the toy itself. The treads and front wheels are navy blue along with a removable twin cannon that sits on top of the cabin, which has armoured black windows. There are gold painted details, including his headlights and tread wheels, and a dull gold plastic on either side of the cabin. While it's a little uninteresting, this is a respectable colour scheme, which even matches his blue Planet Key.

   There's a Minicon feel about this vehicle mode, what with his enormous armaments. The missile launcher rotates through 360, although the missiles will gently scrape against the twin cannons if they're present. Scattorshot tends to slide rather roll, the small rear wheels underneath the treads not doing much.

   There's more play value here - the missiles are ball-pressure style and will shoot about a foot along the table. Inserting the Planet Key (code: s67k) into the back of the launcher will cause a gold missile bank to flip up between the big grey missiles, which has nine yellow painted tips. This gimmick is surprisingly peripheral, which might annoy some, but I don't mind - that the grey missiles can launch without the key is a plus. Having said that, it's almost impossible to get to the back of the missiles if the key is inserted, although you can stow the key without releasing the mechanism if you push it in gently.

   The missile launchers are somewhat inhibited, but this is still a decent half-track. The gimmick is almost a side issue, and is nowhere near enough to make Scattorshot cool on it's own. This vehicle mode is better without the Planet Key, really.


   Remove the cannons from the cabin roof if you've mounted them there. Pull the treads out to the sides and back to form his legs, swing down his feet and fold the treads under to form his shins. Flip up the sides to form his arms and swing the front down to form the chest and reveal the head. Rotate the forearms, deploy the shoulder-mounted gatling guns (attached to the front wheels) and give Scattorshot his cannons as a handgun.

Height: 12.5cm Width: 8cm

   A blue and dull gold robot with some grey and navy. Scattorshot has a blue chest and head, gold arms, groin and thighs, navy boots and grey gatling guns along with the twin missiles sticking out from his backpack. His face is silver with a black eyestrip, as well as twin yellow floodlights on his forehead that look like big bug-eyes. The gold suddenly makes sense and conspires with the myriad of vehicle elements to make this a pretty attractive robot mode.

   There's quite a level of detail on the gold robot-only parts, which is a little lost on the bottom half, since the chest sticks out and leaves it in shadow - but it's still nice he has detail. There's a small Autobot logo stamped on the back of left hand, which is easy to miss at a glance since it's only really visible from the side.

   As mentioned, Scattorshot is covered in vehicle features. The protruding chest is the armoured front of the vehicle, the shins are the sides of the treads, the missiles sit on his back and the front wheels are clearly visible on his shoulders.

   This guy is again armed to the teeth. The backpack can lift up - using a hinge that's not part of his transformation - so that the missiles can sit over each shoulder. The gimmick still works, although his heels aren't able to support the backpack _and_ Planet Key - the latter needs to be detached once you've activated the missile bank or he'll fall backwards. Including the nine yellow missiletips, twin grey huge missiles, double barrelled handgun and four barrels per shoulder-gun, Scattorshot has 21 ranged weapons! The missile launcher can swing from side to side but no longer rotate - the head gets in the way. The gatling guns are on ball joints - in fact everything can be aimed to some extent.

   The poseability is Scattorshot's weak point. The shoulders rotate and there are hinges above the elbows allowing the arms to lift out to the sides, while the elbows are ball joints and the head turns. The only meaningful movement in the lower half of the body is hips that swing out to the sides. So he's very poseable above the waist and pretty much static below. While it's far from a complete waste - the array of weaponry that can be pointed is impressive - my other Cybertron basics are all far more poseable below the waist.

   An attractive robot mode and a walking armoury all in one, Scattorshot looks like he's capable of taking out an entire platoon, but he's going to stand in the one spot while he does it. I like the weaponry more than I dislike the static legs and the arm motion enhances the weaponry, so this is still a nice robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Armed to the teeth with a decent half-track mode and a very attractive robot mode, but Scattorshot misses out a little on play value. The gimmick is overshadowed by his missile launcher and is perhaps the least impressive I've seen amongst Cybertron toys. Despite his shortcomings, Scattorshot still has a lot going for him. Reminiscent of a Minicon, and recommended if you like the design style of those miniature Transformers - 7.5/10

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