ROTF Terradive Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Terradive
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Sukhoi Su-47 Jet

Height: 4.5cm Length: 16.5cm Width: 12.5cm

   A glossy orange fighter with black on his tailfins and along the fuselage, Terradive has very light grey painted on the tips of his wings & stabilisers. His canopy is transparent red while the thrusters at the black are a light grey plastic, which is a couple of shades darker than the paint on his wings. There are backwards facing Decepticon logos on his wings, stamped in black. I'm not sure if there's a deliberate Hooligan homage here in the colours & style of jet - although the paint job is actually very different. It's a nice colour scheme but this is dampened by the use of such a glossy orange plastic, which looks somewhat cheap.

   As with many movieverse toys that don't appear in the film, Terradive is not quiet realistic, with some changes to the shape of the tailfins and to the shape around the cockpit. Still he sports forward sweeping wings, a distinctive feature of the Sukhoi, along with the small stabilisers on either side of the cockpit. The tailfins sit on about a 40 angle. There are a lot of seams here as you'd expect of a movie toy. There;s a bit more kibble here than I'd like - the silver robot hips are visible behind the stabilisers and the black robot boots are visible behind the wings. Mind you, the bright orange tends to distract your eyes away from this kibble, so it's less of an issue than it would be on a more sedate repaint.

   There isn't much play value here. The three black plastic wheels underneath can fold away, although the front wheel can only do so if you partially detach the robot mode weapon underneath. The jet can lay flat on this weapon, at least. Unusually for a movie aircraft mode, there are no missiles (or other obvious weapons) in this mode.

   A decent vehicle mode albeit one with a couple of flaws. The shiny orange plastic doesn't look so good - the colour choice works since it gives him an aposematic colour scheme and it helps mask the kibble, but the glossy plastic looks cheap. Terradive doesn't offer much play value. The jet mode shape works well and the swept wings are a nice look, while the level of detail is what you'd expect from this line.


   Essentially an update of the G2 Smokescreen transformation with some extra twists. The wings fold up onto his legs, the nose slides up over the canopy and there's an extra grey plate on his back. I'm not going through all the twists and turns, but it's clever but not difficult once you get the hang of it.

Height: 14cm Width: 7.5cm

   While orange is still the most prominent colour here, there's a lot less of it, and more black. His chest, forearms and head are orange while his boots & elbows are black. Terradive has white feet and upper arms while his thighs and hands are silver plastic. His face is painted silver and features red painted eyes. Unusually, there's a lightpipe - the red paint is over a colourless plastic, and light pokes through the edges if there's a light source behind him. There's a black Decepticon logo stamped on the right side of his chest, on an oblique angle. Again this is a nice colour scheme, and Terradive looks better in this mode since the reduction in orange means he doesn't have the same cheap look.

   There are some very interesting features here, and some annoying flaws. The head is very much like that of Corahda, although I'm pretty sure the semblance is by coincidence. He doesn't quite have the conquistador look of that toy, mind you. There's a seemingly random black holster on his left shoulder, which is actually where the weapon is held in vehicle mode. Perhaps the most striking element of Terradive's robot mode is the fact that his canopy isn't centre of his chest, like 90% of Transformer planes. Instead, the nose & stabilisers form his angular chest (with the canopy concealed under the nose). It makes for a nice change. His bodyshape is quite lanky and the tailfins stick up behind his shoulders, forming a sort of cape. The cape combined with his helmet like head and choice of weapon give Terradive a Japanese warrior look.

   There are two main flaws here. The first is the hip joints - the legs pop off fair too easily, and while there are ways to minimise the impact of this (clear nail polish inside the socket often helps), it's disappointing that this flaw is found on all Terradives. As a result of their design, his legs tend to slide out to the sides of their own accord. The other issue is the sides of his torso - which are quite gappy - the left shoulder doesn't lock together well thanks to a moulding that's slightly off. He looks good overall but these two flaws make posing & transforming an otherwise elegant toy quite frustrating.

   Terradive is very poseable, with ball joints in his neck & hips. The shoulders swing and rotate while his elbows and knees are hinged with rotators. His feet are hinged and have useful heelspurs. The waist is fixed. The poseability isn't really hampered by anything, so he has a very impressive range of poses available - although you'll find yourself popping his shoulder back in and trying to avoid the legs spreading.

   While there are no gimmicks in this toy as such, Terradive's play value is greatly enhanced by his weapon. It's a long trident which can be held like a staff in either hand. The shaft is bronze while the three prongs are grey plastic, with purple painted on the tips of the outer prongs. The outer prongs can fold in to give him a spear, which can be held in both hands. Combined with his poseability, it gives Terradive a wide range of action poses.

   While there are a couple of major flaws in this robot mode, it displays well thanks to the good colour layout, unique lightpipe, great poseability and wonderful weapon. I like that Terradive avoid the canopy-on-chest of most Transformers with a fighter jet alt mode, too. The left shoulder & hips are significant flaws, but the robot mode has enough going for it that they hold it back rather than ruin it.


   None that I'm aware of.


   The concept of this toy is fantastic, but there are a few flaws which should have been fixed before his final release. The colour scheme is a nice one, but the exact choice of orange plastic hurts in vehicle mode, even if the aposematic colour scheme does work well. The robot shoulder and hips needed a little tweaking. Had these flaws been eliminated, I'd be giving Terradive a perfect score. Even with these flaws he's still a strong toy, thanks to a great robot mode. The poseability, weapon and unusual design elements make it a standout robot mode. The jet mode is also solid, so he's well worth picking up if you like movie toys, despite his flaws - 8/10

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