ROTF Scattorshot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Scattorshot
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Armoured Truck

Height: 5cm Length: 12cm Width: 4.5cm

   A navy blue armoured truck with a pick-up style tray at the back, Scattorshot has a grey cowcatcher on the front and twin gold anti-aircraft guns on the roof. There are matching gold armour panels on the sides, gold headlights, black painted windows, stamped silver Autobot logos behind the side windows and black tyres with painted silver hubcaps. He has twin exhausts at the back, in the same grey plastic as the cowcatcher up front. The colour scheme works even if the gold colour is a little brighter than you'd expect on a functional vehicle like this. While the gold plastic is similar in hue to the notoriously fragile Gold Plastic Syndrome afflicted plastic used in late G1 & G2, it's a darker shade, and is somewhat flexible, meaning it's unlikely to be brittle.

   There's some play value here - the guns rotate through 360 and lift up to about 85 while the wheels roll. It's a little more than the average movie scout's play value. The sculpt here is of the fairly high standard usual of the movie toys, including diamond grip on the cowcatcher and various hatches, panels and the like on his roof and in the tray. There are some hinges visible in the tray which are obviously for the transformation, but they stay out of the way visually.

   A good truck mode with nice detailing and useful little guns on top. The cowcatcher is probably the most distinctive feature of an otherwise understated choice of vehicle, but there are no real flaws here, making this a worthwhile vehicle mode if not a standout one.


   Lift up the sides, split the cowcatcher and then the front of the vehicle. Fold the front forward slightly to form feet and then fold the cowcatcher all the way round to form kneecaps, stand him up. Split the roof, fold the side panels right out to to the sides as arms, fold up the gold shoulderblades. Swing back the rear of the vehicle, revealing his head. Pivot the arms down into position, flip out his hands and fold the side panels under his forearms. Rotate the guns on his forearms and place into either hand.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 7cm

   The navy which dominates the vehicle mode is now mixed with a lot more grey and some more gold. The forearms, feet and parts of his torso are navy while the groin, elbows and guns are gold. The upper arms, thighs, most of the chest and kneecaps are grey while his hands are black. Scattorshot has a black head with a gold face including sunken golden eyes and a scuba breathing apparatus like mouth. There's no Autobot logo here. The colours work well together, I'm glad they resisted the urge to use any more gold - it works well sparingly here.

   There are some interesting features here including the rounded black head - it's like a battle helmet - and the scuba like mouth doesn't really make sense - I suspect the designer was just going for an "alien breathing in Earth's atmosphere" look. The guns are permanently attached, which kind of makes his hands redundant. They're in an open pose, designed to fit the handles on his guns. The most unusual feature of this robot mode is the cowcatcher split on his knees, and while it doesn't dominate the robot mode it's an unusual and clever way to avoid kibble. As a side note to that, the hood and windshield end up as the soles of his feet - another unusual elements to this transformation.

   Scattorshot's play value ends up revolving around the guns. The shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all ball jointed while there's a set of hinges above the elbows as well. The head is - unusually - fixed in place while the waist rotates through 360. The feet are able to hinge back on transformation joints, but I'll stop short of calling these hinges ankles since they're further up the leg than that. The guns can be taken out of his hands, but will end up either poking out to one side or sticking up in the air, so any pose Scattorshot strikes will be one with two weapons to the fore. There is wide a wide range of poses available, but some aren't that useful without him turning his head.

   A good robot mode with unusual lower legs, Scattorshot's colours work and his articulation is good. The guns dominate a little more than they should, and while it's nice to see that he can't lose his weapons, some way to take them out of his hands would have been a nice add on. Mind you, at the level of a scout this is a minor quibble - the guns look good in his hands and make posing Scattorshot fun anyway.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Two good modes and decent play value centred on guns you can't misplace make for a good toy. The colours work, the transformation has some creative aspects and both modes display well. I would have liked some neck movement and the guns can be a little overwhelming in robot mode, but these are fairly minor issues. Recommended if you like the movie scouts - 8.5/10

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