ROTF Rampage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rampage
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Bulldozer

Height: 6cm Length: 12.5cm Width: 8.5cm

   A dull yellow bulldozer with soft black plastic treads and a black enclosed cabin, Rampage has transparent red windows, some silver paint on the blade and a black Decepticon logo stamped at the back. It's a simple yet realistic colour scheme, and while it doesn't match the G1 Constructicons, he doesn't bear the name of one. As uninteresting as this colour scheme is, it makes perfect sense, so it works quite well.

   While he's not strictly modelled on a specific bulldozer, he's based on the Caterpiller D11 Track Type Tractor Bulldozer (thanks to cristalcase for this info). The sculpt is great with rivets, links in the treads, little guards on the main body and rippers on the back. The treads don't actually move, but the rubberised plastic gives the impression that they could. There are detailed pistons on the blade. There's no real kibble here, but the pistons behind the blade on either side of the body of the vehicle might as well be kibble - they don't clip in properly and are quite loose, so they drop out of position far too easily. The clips designed to attach these pistons to the blade are ridiculously inadequate - it looks like the designers never tried to make them work. There's no robot kibble as such, but this is a critical flaw.

   There's minimal play value here. The blade wiggles around a little while his rippers at the back can be positioned - up for travel or down to rip into the soil/pavement. There are four small black wheels hidden underneath on which Rampage can roll - as I said, the treads don't move.

   A pretty decent looking bulldozer with functionally realistic colours and rubberised treads. The sculpt is great, so this should be a good bulldozer mode but the loose pistons make any sort of play value lost cause since more time will be spent trying to reposition them than on anything else. It's nice if static, but this is his weaker mode thanks to this keystone flaw. What really frustrates ms is that it would have been so easy to eliminate.


   There's a lot of fiddling here so I'll summarise. His legs flip out from underneath, the body becomes his back while the head is revealed from within the engine area. The treads uncouple, their driving mechanisms become his arms while the treads themselves become whip-like attachments. The blade folds up on itself to become a sort of third leg at the back. The rippers fold up to become his hands.

Height: 15.5cm Width: 12cm

   Again mainly dull yellow, there are some silver elements here and there while his shins are gunmetal and his face is silver with transparent red eyes (and a useless lightpipe). The black treads hang off the outsides of his shoulders. The colour scheme is a little more complex, with added gunmetal and a more prominent role for the silver, but it's still all about dull yellow. The Decepticon logo is tucked away on his butt now.

   A very complex sculpt, as in vehicle mode, is accentuated by the gears and stuff on his arms along with the pistons on either side of his head. The treads hanging off his arms provide more moulded detail. The gears on his arms are a nice touch, complete with sculpted teeth. The folded up blade sits at the back, with two legs hanging off it, so Rampage also a centaur, and this appears to be a deliberate design choice. There are no feet here, just little hooves - so he needs those extra legs to stand. While I'm not completely sold on the centaur look, the complex sculpt does make this robot mode look pretty good.

   The play value here is really just limited to poseability. The head moves a little, the waist rotates but not very far before the pistons detach - again they're not properly secured, although more stable than vehicle mode. The shoulder swing and lift out to the sides while his elbows are fixed and the hands open and close. His hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees are hinged with rotators. The ankles are fixed but there's some poseability in the rear legs, so he's very stable in a range of poses, despite the lack of true feet. The treads can't really be posed as such, but hang quite nicely as whips, creating some visual menace.

   The extra set of legs at the back take some getting use to, and while the whole thing might seem cheaty, it exists for the gimmick mode, which I'll cover in a moment. The sculpt is excellent, the colours work and the treads are visually impressive. I just with the pistons on his chest were properly secured.


   This one's very similar to the robot mode. The legs clip together and he squats slightly. The pistons plug into his thighs - securely, for once - the back legs lift form a sort of handle.

   The idea is that springs in his knees will cause the legs to bend and spring back. While this does work, it's not something you'd do all the time, because it leaves no way to stand Rampage up. The springs work fairly well, mind you, so while it's a gimmick of limited appeal and it does adversely impact on his other modes - those loose pistons, at least it offers something. The handle (blade assembly) is attached by a single hinge which can unclip quiet easily while you're using this jackhammer mode - another Achilles' heel here.

   It's a unique idea and one that beats the tired use of electronics or a missile launcher. The idea doesn't quite come off, but the end result is still something you could play with. This is the robot mode we saw in the film, so this is the "regular" Rampage, if you like.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A good idea but one that falls flat thanks to avoidable issues. The colours, sculpt, transformation and use of the treads as whips are all solid. The integrated weapons made from treads works very well and both robot and vehicle mode sport complex sculpts and look good. The jackhammer mode needs some tweaking but the idea is great. Those damn loose pistons - which would have been easy to address in development - really spoil what would otherwise be a great & unique toy. Rampage is a good toy, but you've got to be able to deal with the unusual robot mode 6.5 - /10

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