ROTF Mindwipe Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mindwipe
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Stealth Fighter Jet

Height: 5cm Length: 22cm Width: 18cm

   A notably matte charcoal stealth jet with matte violet painted on his tail, stealth intakes and some other details, Mindwipe has a transparent red cockpit at the front. There are some large silver "Cybertronian" characters - two on either wing, and a small white logo in the centre of the fuselage featuring a Decepticon logo. It's a rather straightforward colour scheme, and a subtly stealthy one with the proliferation of matte colours. Thankfully the silver paint on his wings is quite thin - deliberately so - making sure it's visible without being shiny. G1 fans might notice that while this isn't at all bat-like, the colours are a match for those of his G1 namesake, sans the brown of that toy's wings. Sure the match is fairly fuzzy, with charcoal instead of black and a much duller violet replacing the purple, but the tribute is deliberate all the same.

   This jet mode is fairly understated but there's still a fair bit of detail here, which is inevitably dominated by the stealth lines & angles. There are various seams here and there and even some glossy panels. The latter actually give Mindwipe's cool secret - he's matte because of a finely textured surface covering most of the toy rather than a simple matte plastic colour. There are twin tailfins and of course the jet itself is an arrowhead shape, being a stealth fighter.

   The play value is fairly minimal which is to be expected. There are three retractable wheels underneath (actually, four, the front is a double wheel), and while he doesn't lie flat on his belly with the wheels retracted, they all roll. There are two hexagonal sockets on top which allow Skystalker's jet mode to ride on top. This is kinda arbitrary but it looks good. Okay, it's incredibly arbitrary - why would a _bomber_ ride on top - and how does the scale work? It's a fun focus feature anyway.

   While this is a relatively simple jet mode for a voyager, Mindwipe avoid distracting gimmicks and has sensible colours. Even the lettering on his wings is understated, ensuring there's still a realism despite the clearly alien symbols. The colours provide a nice G1 tribute while still staying within the realm of stealth jets and the matte surface is wonderful. A good jet mode which doesn't stand out, but shouldn't considering the nature of this vehicle.


   Unclip the font on either side, split the nose and pull the sides forward to form his legs, fold up his feet. Fold the back half of the plane over and rotate the waist, so that the canopy is above his head (which will be revealed during the folding over). Split the canopy, pull out the wings and rotate down to form arms. Fold the middle portions of the wings back 90, which will cause the tips to fold back a further 90 and small scarlet protrusions to push out from within the mid sections. Fold up the tailfins on his back. Rotate the forearms into place, fold down his hands - which will cause the halves of his canopy to flip out as knives - and you're done.

Height: 20cm Width: 15cm

   A charcoal robot with extensive scarlet highlights on his torso to match the protrusions on the wings (behind his shoulders), Mindwipe has a transparent red eyestrip but sadly no lightpipe. The transparent red extends to the knives hanging off the back of his hands, which are painted silver, along with his mouthpiece. There's some silver plastic on the insides of this forearms and on his thighs while that white Decepticon logo is now on his chest. The violet is sparing here - there's some on his waist and some on his shoulders but it's very much minimal. The colour scheme works well again, with the scarlet providing a much brighter look and complimenting the darker shade of red used on the transparent parts. There's not really much of a G1 tribute here now, since the scarlet & silver have largely replaced the violet.

   A lanky robot with skinny limbs, a narrow groin and while shoulders, Mindwipe's curled wings hanging off his shoulders form bat-like wings of sorts - providing a nice feature and a little more tribute. His face is a simple affair with very robotic look compared to the generally alien look of many movie toys. There are some scarlet vents on his shoulders to match the scarlet on his waist and wings, adding some detail. Much of the detail here is actually in the form of the stealth surfaces, and the shape of his head largely fits into that look.

   The play value is largely limited to his poseability, although there are some other options available. The head is on a ball joint while his waist rotates through 360. The shoulders swing and lift out to the sides while his elbows are double hinged with rotators. His fists are essentially fixed although they can rotate forward and up towards the forearms. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees and ankles are hinged. The front wheels sit underneath the feet and look like they'll come out as heelspurs, but they don't. While Mindwipe doesn't have true heelspurs, his ankles are far enough forward that he doesn't need them. The fact that his knees don't totally straighten also helps keep his centre of gravity over the feet, also.

   There's only one true gimmick here - the knives are spring loaded and can fold underneath the forearms. There are small scarlet clips which hold them in place (you have to fold the hands right back, effectively overextending his wrists a little - thanks to christalcase for this info). Mindwipe has no other weapons. While it's not documented anywhere, there are ways to attach Skystalker as a chestplate - fans online have found ways to make it work, and it appears that the combination in this mode was intentional if never publicised.

   A good robot mode with a simple gimmick and good poseablity in spite of limited articulation. Mindwipe looks good and has a very subtle tribute to his G1 namesake. Thanks to the low play value, he's a little simple for a voyager, but this robot mode displays very well and the play value he does have is well executed.


   None that I'm aware of.


   With two solid modes featuring a good tribute in vehicle mode and good colour scheme in both modes, Mindwipe is a good toy. The knife gimmick is clever yet understated and the rest of his engineering is great, including his poseability and the transformation. Both modes display well with great colour choices - especially the matte finish - so this is a nice display piece. Recommended if you like the movie aesthetic - 8.5/10

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