ROTF Legends Soundwave Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Soundwave
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Satellite

Height: 5.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 10cm

   A black tube with three grey solar panels at one end, two grey wings with red patches toward the other end and another grey panel underneath, Soundwave has a low-detail mid blue head on top. Two of the solar panels are quite chunky - they're the robot legs. The colours are satellite enough to work - even if the blue head is a distraction (albeit one seen in the film).

   The shape is arbitrarily that of a satellite - I say this because there's no fixed shape for a satellite, it depends on the requirements. At any rate, the main body is tubular which is usually the case and the extensions are something commonly found on satellites - so Soundwave's satellite mode works.

   While there's no strict idea of what a Transformer satellite should look like, Soundwave fits into the realm of what they usually look like, so this mode works. The colours work and the clearly defined solar panels (which are almost always present) really sell this as a satellite.


   Split the rear end of the tube, fold out to the sides as arms. Swing the grey panel from underneath, around and down to form his chest and reveal the robot head. Unfold the forearms and position the wings as shoulderpads. Swing the lower solar panel back as a backplate, rotate the others down as legs and flip up the feet.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 7cm

   A grey robot with black arms, Soundwave has blue thighs, a blue head and some blue across his chest. There are some yellow details here and there while his face is silver with a V-shaped red eyestrip. There's a silver Decepticon logo on the right side of his groin (thanks to christalcase for pointing this out). The colours aren't stereotypically Soundwave, although those on the head are, which largely justifies the name usage. It's a decent colour scheme, even if the abundant grey means it doesn't stand out at all.

   Soundwave has slightly bent knees while his torso and shins are wide, so he almost looks portly. The wings hang nicely off his shoulders as armour. His feet are angled, so he stands with his legs slightly apart - something made common during Animated. Poseability is good here - his neck, shoulders and hips are all ball jointed while the elbows are hinged. Granted these are all for the transformation, but they contribute here.

   A good robot mode considering it was a satellite - the colours work, the poseability is good and the potential panel kibble is dealt with very well - even before you take into account the low pricepoint. While it's not an especially interesting robot mode, it has no real flaws, good poseability and nice armour.


   None that I'm aware of.


   As is often the case in ROTF, this Lsegends toy is better than the full sized version of the character. Both the satellite and robot modes work, the colours are good, the transformation is clever and both modes display fairly well. There's no real flaw here, so even if the concept means he looks fairly generic, Soundwave is a good Legends toy - 8/10

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