ROTF Legends Long Haul Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Long Haul
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Dump Truck

Height: 3.5cm Length: 6.5cm Width: cm

   A pale-ish green dump truck, paler than both the other Legends Long Haul and the voyager, Long hauls has four black tyres, a dark grey grille, a tiny black cabin on the left side and stamped black Decepticon logos on either side of his bucket. There are three prominent screws in the tray, breaking up the colour slightly. The colour scheme works well enough.

   There are some advantages and some disadvantages compared to the other Legends toy (other than the fact the other combines and this one does not). The tray has lines in it and some detail on the front lip, which the other lacks (but then it also lacks the visible screws). The grille is unpainted on the other toy. The other has six tyres - four at the back on a single axles, and while this one has two fake "inner" tyres are only visible fro, the sides or back, and it's obvious they're fake since there's no top - they've been cut off! At least they're painted I guess. Play value is what you'd expect - the four actual tyres roll.

   A decent truck mode, which offers different aspects to the other Legends toy - you'll never get everything at this pricepoint. I prefer the other one overall, but this is a good truck mode aside from the obviously fake and jarringly truncated tyres.


   Unclip the grey panels underneath, fold up and split the front to form his legs, fold the panels into the legs as shinplates. Stand him up, fold out the arms and you're done.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A green robot with dark grey shinplates, thighs and shoulder struts. His eyes are red while there's some red and black on his shoulders. Those false tyres sit somewhat awkwardly on the corners of his arms while the front tyres are on the outsides of his ankles. There's a lot more colour here than on the other Legends toy - although not a while lot more paint - and it's a good copy of the paint job on the voyager. There is no allegiance symbol here.

   The proportions here are generally better than the other toy, although he lacks the shoulder protrusions since those false tyres are where they should be. Seriously, why go for false tyres that look stupid in both modes? The feet are designed so he stands with his legs slightly apart - as is the recent trend. There's a false lip of the tray behind his head (the lip is actually his skidplate). It's an attractive looking robot mode, even if the false tyres are annoying.

   The play value here is mixed. Both the shoulders and hips are very restricted ball joints, giving him some poseability. While four ball joints is good for a Legends toy, the overall effect isn't that great due to the restrictions on them. He has heelspurs, but they're not "tall" enough - he tends to fall over backwards quite easily. The hip joints do come to the rescue here, as rotating the legs out and spreading them slightly more makes Long Haul stable. It's a nice enough pose, so while the heelspurs go down as a design flaw, it ends up being a minor one.

   A good robot mode despite (again) the false tyres and badly done heelspurs. His ball joints make a difference and the paint job is good for a Legends toy. I'd probably say he's slightly better than the other Legends now, only because there's more colour.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While the transformation is quite simple, it does have a nice twist in those shin panels, which clip in nicely in both modes. His false tyres are a nuisance in both modes and the screws in truck mode hurt, visually. The robot mode is his stronger mode, which is common with Legends. The robot mode looks good aside from the false tyres taking the place of his shoulder pylons. While I'd recommend the other Legends toy over this one (because it combines), the fact is that both are good toys, and I'd recommend both at the asking price of Legends toys - 7.5/10

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