ROTF Legends Jetfire Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Jetfire
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: SR-71 Blackbird

Height: 3cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 8.5cm

   A black SR-71 Blackbird with some silver details and red stripes here and there, Jetfire is really more black than anything else. Much of the silver is underneath here, aside from the front of his wings. The shape is out considerably - the wings are shorter and the nose longer than they should be, which is most likely a by-product of making the SR-71 turn into a robot that looks like Jetfire in the movie. It's rather inaccurate but still looks realistic (if not SR-71 accurate), and the colours work well.

   There's no play value here at all. Jetfire sits on three legs underneath and there is what appears to be a front wheel folded up under the nose, but this doesn't fold down. It's there to match the wheel that _does_ fold down on the full sized toy. The play value isn't out of keeping with aerial Legends toys. You do have the option of plugging Jetfire's plane mode onto Optimus Prime's back as a sort of backpack.

   Simple and a little understated but not sparse, Jetfire's colour scheme is necessarily straightforward and the play value understandably absent, but he looks like a realistic jet - if not a great SR71 - and has surprisingly little kibble (almost none). The dark colours don't bring out the mould's detailing, but that happens when you have so much black.


   Pull the fins on top of his wings out and back to form the legs, click the knees into place. Fold up the wings and clip together to form the groin, unclip the nose and fold up. Fold the hips into place, stand Jetfire up, swing the shoulders forward and the arms (front undercarriage area) down by his sides. It's a very unusual but effective transformation - using the wings as legs helps eliminate kibble in the vehicle mode.

Height: 8cm Width: 4.5cm

   A mainly black robot with silver arms, knees and hips, Jetfire has red eyes and a hunched back which is painted a dark gunmetal colour with a subtle (not so dark) gunmetal Decepticon logo stamped on it - facing backwards. The hunchback is the tripod from jet mode, by the way. The colours aren't quite as dark as the jet mode but he's still very dark and brooding with a sinister look about him.

   There is some kibble here - the nose hands down on his back and I guess the tripod above his head also counts. The false wheel hanging off his left hand doesn't really count despite looking awkward - it's there for robot mode, after all. The shape is very alien with the hunched back and gangly limbs, while the face looks like something from a sci-fi film.

   Jetfire's poseability is good in some respects but hampered in others. His head is fixed since it's part of his hunchback, but the hips and shoulders are ball jointed. His arms are single pieces but there are two hinges around either knee. The ankles are fixed but look like they should move while his feet are wide which helps stability. The range of movement in his shoulders is pretty good but the hips are barely any use since the legs slope slightly inwards, and moving the hips will make this worse.

   A robot mode that displays well thanks to nice sinister colours and some great sculpting, but Jetfire's awkward hips really hurt the play value here. It's not that he's a disaster, but the fact is he can't strike any dynamic poses. I still like the robot mode - and the deliberate false wheel is actually a nice touch.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A dark toy with a fairly simple paint job, Jetfire's colour scheme is well considered. There's surprisingly little kibble overall - and none in jet mode really - thanks to a clever transformation, but this same transformation does limit the robot hips a lot. The SR-71 mode is out of shape but still looks realistic, so he displays well in both mode. A good Legends toy despite some robot mode flaws - 7/10

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