ROTF Legends The Fallen Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: The Fallen
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Space Ship

Height: 2.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 6.5cm

   A lead grey vehicle, The Fallen is composed of a dark grey plastic with a slight metallic sheen, giving him an other-worldly feel. There are some red painted details and an orange wash in some grooves on the twin engines at the rear, but otherwise he's grey. There are flame-like protrusions at the back of his engines which I've heard described as jets, and while I can see an argument for them being painted red, this would mean red robot hands so while I can see the point of this request, I think unpainted works best overall. It's not a lazy paint job, mind you - there is a subtle wash of silver paint in some areas. There are no allegiance symbols here.

   It's a static ship and one that lacks wheels underneath, but The Fallen stands nicely on four little legs underneath. The detailing is high, and between the dark metallic feel and a detailed yet unrecognisable sculpt, this is very much an alien craft - which it's meant to be. There's no clear cockpit but there is a bridge-like area between the jets. There are no distinct wings but the robot feet on either side provide some width.

   A good vehicle for a Legends size effort - remembering that The Fallen's vehicle mode is meant to be an alien craft, this alt mode does a good job of being just that, rather than falling (no pun intended) into the trap of being an indistinct lump, which would have been easy to do. I don't miss wheels, since most Legends aircraft lack them anyway - in fact the four clear legs are better than what most Legends get.


   Fold the nose underneath, swing up the front "fenders" (well, that part of the vehicle) to form legs, rotate the feet into place. Fold the engines down to either side - the bridge splits - and swing down to form arms. Lift up his head and you're done.

Height: 8cm Width: 5.5cm

   Again a lead grey robot with some silver paint wash on his thighs, The Fallen features some orange on his forearms and mouth while his eyes are red. Again the paint job very much centred on grey, but this works well - and frankly it works better than the green Hasbro decided to go with on the Voyager. It's a giant alien robot, from a film where those that don't acquire Earth mode disguises are grey/silver - grey makes much more sense than green. Sure, that green isn't too far from The Fallen in the screen, but this fits better. Again, there are no Decepticon logos, since technically the Decepticons are his minions rather than an allegiance for him. A dark, sinister, looking robot mode.

   The detailed sculpt is again very evident here, and again The Fallen has an other-worldly feel about him. The face, as may have commented, looks like something out of Predator. The feet are easy to use, unlike the annoying clamp feet of the Voyager. The hands are those flame-like elements from vehicle mode, which is mildly disappointing, but at Legends size this is forgivable. There are two struts sticking out of his torso towards the arms, and while they don't connect as in the larger toy, they manage to stay out of the way.

   The Fallen has decent poseability with a head that can look down, a waist that can turn and ball joints in his shoulders, hips and ankles. The feet are big so standing him in dynamic poses isn't hard, and while the range is good for a Legends toy, it is limited by a lack of knees. Still, at this size it's useful.

   A great little figure that portrays the character well, and loses none of the evil of this character despite the size. The colours work and the sculpt is excellent, while The Fallen also gets good poseability. I really can't fault this mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   It seems to be a trend that ROTF Legends are good toys, even if the larger toys don't always stack up as well. While there are some excellent larger toys in the line, some like the Voyager The Fallen, are decidedly sub-par. This toy avoids the awkward green of that toy, steers clear of the gratuitous use of transparent plastic and has feet that stand on their own. With two good modes, an excellent sculpt and a clever colour scheme, this is a very focused Legends toy, and one I'd recommend over the full sized toy. If you liked the film and can deal with Legends toys - or even if you're just fan of the size class, buy this one - 9.5/10

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