ROTF Legends Arcee Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Arcee
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Motorbike

Height: 4cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 2cm

   A bright pink motorbike with a back rear half and black plastic tyres, Arcee has some silver and black painted on the sides and darker silver painted headlights. There's a painted black windshield and just below this a black stamped Autobot logo. From the left side we can see three silver screws. The pink is very bright & confronting - it's a good thing it's offset with black. The colour scheme works okay thanks to the simplicity, which prevents the pink from being an eyesore.

   I've no idea if this is meant to represent a specific motorbike, but knowing the movie lines she's probably a fusion of various elements. The overall shape is somewhat compromised - the saddle area is fairly disjointed and the wheels are both offset to the sides - the front wheel to the right and the rear wheel to the left. The insides of these wheels roll while the outsides are fixed, which is a little weird. She can't roll, and while she has a rudimentary kickstand moulded on the left side, it doesn't do anything. She can actually stand upright on her wheels with a little work.

   A pretty decent bike mode considering the scale of this Transformer, but Arcee's bike mode is well below the standard of modern bike modes. The very bright pink could well have been a liability, but the simple colour scheme means it works okay.


   Swing the wheels down and together, swing down the lower part of the pink body. Rotate the right side of the bike to the "front", swing up the block behind the wheels. Flip out the windshield, flip out the head and rotate the upper part of the body through 180. Fold the windshield right down to form her left arm, pivot the saddle down to form the right arm and you're done.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 6cm

   A pink and black robot, Arcee is highly asymmetrical. The lower part is essentially a black stand, with the wheels forming a single foot and a zig-zagged leg above this. The torso is small and pink, while her head and left arm are also pink. The leg and right are are black while her face is painted silver. The effect is fairly similar to the motorbike mode, although that Autobot logo is no longer visible, underneath her left arm.

   While the single foot formed from two wheels sounds like a recipe for disaster, standing Arcee on her foot isn't too difficult. Okay, she's still somewhat delicate once you've her standing, but I'm happy with the job done, thanks to the mudguard acting as a toe at the front. The kink in her leg is kinda weird, and the leg really dominates her robot mode. The left arm is little more than a panel pointing down while the right arm has two ball joints and ends in her dual exhausts, which look like guns.

   A weird robot mode, and one without much real playability thanks to the delicate job needed to balance her - although the right arm offers some movement. The colours are okay and it's a decent job of representing the zippy wheeled robot seen on screen. Considering the size class, this is a pretty good effort even if the form itself isn't at all traditional.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A concept that will be disliked by many, the combination of the weird leg and bright pink will turn many off this particular incarnation of the Arcee character concept. While both modes are quite limited, the fact is that considering the limitations imposed at this size, this is a pretty good effort. The potentially jarring pink is well handled and it's an achievement for this toy to stand in both modes. Not a toy I'd recommend based on it's own merits, but considering the challenge here, it's a decent effort, so Arcee is impressive in her own way - 6/10

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