ROTF Knock Out Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Knock Out
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Motorbike

Height: 5cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A twotone green and black motorbike with some white stripes on the sides, Knock Out has a silver muffler at the back, blue headlights, some silver struts on the sides and silver handlebars. Black essentially anchors his colour scheme while the lighter, grass, green is prevalent on top of the fuel tank and on his wheels while the darker, menthol, green is on his rear wheel strut and on the sides. The colours are well laid out and quite attractive, and they look like the sort of colours you'd see on a motorbike. Rounding things out is a black Autobot logo on top of the fueltank - facing backwards.

   Knock Out's colours are quite probable and the overall styling here is just as realistic. The shape is great - he's sleek and lacking in robot kibble. The detailing is fantastic, from the wheel spokes to the moulded chain detailing on the rear left wheel strut to the exhaust and the fuelcap on top. There are stirrups and engine details on either side. While I'm not sure if there's a real bike that looks like this, Knock Out is convincing enough that I'd believe it.

   Most movie toys have vehicle modes based more on realism than play value and Knock Out fits this rule. The display value here is fantastic but there's not a lot to _do_ with this bike. He lacks a kickstand but can stand up without much trouble. Both wheels spin, and while it's possible to turn the front wheel to either side, the rest of the front wont move with it, so it's of limited value. There are no gimmicks here.

   A straightforward motorbike mode, but one that concentrates on being a motorbike, without anything fancy - and the end result is spectacular. This is a great bike mode which easily exceeds what I thought possible from Transformers bikes. There's no wide blocky area where the legs are trying to hide, no kibble hanging out obviously and no robot bits hanging on trying to look invisible. The colours are creative and credible, and the combination works. The play value is minimal, but the display value of this motorbike mode is so strong that I don't care.


   Split the front around the headlights, pivot the halves back over the fueltank to reveal his head. Unclip the side panels and swing down the sides, then split the back tyre and saddle, swing halves out to the sides. The side panels unfurl to form legs, the feet fold out and the heelspurs are hidden within the feet. The halves of the saddle swing down to form his arms and the halves of the rear wheel fold out to the sides as features.

Height: 11.5cm Width: 11cm

   A pretty even mix of greens, black and silver, Knock Out has a black face with blue eyes - the face mimics the front of the bike. The black Autobot logo is now on the lower chest. Again the colour scheme is both creative and attractive. The silver muffler is permanently attached to his right arm, replacing the hand as a gatling gun.

   This is a very well formed robot mode considering Knock Out transforms into such a realistic bike. Granted there is some kibble here, but it doesn't ruin the deal. The wheel halves above his arms are nice features which clearly delineate this guy as a motorbike while the side panels of the bike hang off the outsides of his legs, working as armour of sorts. These panels do pop off fairly easily during transformation and posing, but they attach just as easily. The head's motif works well with the wheels.

   Knock Out has great poseability, with ball joints in his neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. His waist is fixed while his ankles are hinged and his heelspurs also feature hinges. His left hanf is relaxed and open, since it has no need to hold a weapon - that's integrated into the right arm. While the fixed waist is a shortcoming the number of ball joints here more than offset this one. Oh, and those panels on the side can rotate out of the way of more dynamic poses or help support them.

   A great robot mode with creative colours, a clever bike theme and good use of kibble, Knock Out even sports an integrated weapon. With great poseability and excellent play value, this is a terrific robot mode. The progression in Transformers motorbikes from toys like Groove to Knock Out is amazing.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A great scout with a fantastically realistic motorbike mode and a well constructed robot mode which uses it's kibble very well. Knock Out's colours are innovative and his engineering is almost flawless. The poseability in robot mode and lack of kibble in vehicle mode are highlights, the only real flaw here is the pop-off nature of the side panels - but this is a minor thing, really - 9.5/10

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