ROTF Insecticon Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Insecticon
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Winged Insect

Height: 7.5cm Length: 11cm Width: 11cm

   Exact dimensions depend on pose.

   An olive green insect with grey mouthparts & some green on his body, Insecticon has transparent turquoise wings, each of which features a small black Decepticon logo at the base. It's a simple colour scheme, and while these aren't the most common colours found on insects, they come in pretty much any colour you want, so it's realistic enough (well, for a bug with a robotic sculpt, anyway). There's no eyes here as such - between his mouthparts there's a red camera-eye amongst a gunmetal face (of sorts), which is fairly well hidden. br>
   It's difficult to say what sort of insect this is, although it's clearly some sort of fly - although that generic name includes many groups of insects aside from the true flies. He's not a true fly, by the way - he lacks the halteres (wing stubs) of that group. Anyway, he has six well defined robot legs, two wings featuring two planes each and a round abdomen (shaped like a piece of gouda cheese). The head is very much droidlike rather than insect like. Insecticon's rear four legs attach to grey "hips" which sort of float on either side of his body. The legs are very robotic and the wings angular, so he's more drone than animal in his overall look.

   There's quite a bit of poseability here. His legs are all anchored on ball joints, as as the wings. His legs all feature hinges midway while the front pair also feature a second set of hinged at the ankle (well, as much as insects have ankles, I guess). The head sits on two hinges, allowing it to pivot up and down (but not side to side).

   A nice insect mode aside which is fairly generic in terms of insects, but has a nice robotic sculpt to justify this. The colours are fairly drab but realistic enough to work. The poseability is good although the poorly attached flanks are annoying.


   Collapse the lower abdomen, pull the rear legs out to the sides, fold the head & forelegs underneath to form his chest and legs. Straighten the legs, fold up the feet and flip out his heelspurs. Rotate the robot head, push in the robot arms and you're done.

Height: 13cm Width: 13cm

   Again, exact dimensions depend on pose.

   A green robot with grey shoulders and hips, the turquoise wings now sit behind his arms. Insecticion has a silver painted face with red eyes. The face has mouthparts which remind me of Tarantulas in the BW cartoon. There are no Decepticon logos here. Again it's a simple colour scheme, if anything it's a little duller than I'd like it to be.

   Insecticon's robot form is rather distinct, with four arms that all end in pointy feet rather than actual hands. It works in the context of the alien look of movie Transformers, although it's not going to please everyone. It doesn't bother me, but his shoulders do. Just as the "hips" of the insect mode don't anchor, they float as his shoulder attachments here - and it's far more noticeable since they're now at the front of the toy and there's no natural "flush" position. The wings can float above his arms if you like, or out to the sides as is standard.

   The poseability here is good, although the heelspurs won't carry some poses. His shoulders (all four of them) and his hips are ball jointed while the elbows and knees are hinged with rotators. The feet and heelspurs are also on hinges, although as I mentioned the heelspurs can't carry the weight of some poses (he's backheavy, with the wings and all). The end result is a fairly good range of hugging poses. His head is also on a ball joint, but its usefulness is affected by hinged behind the head.

   A disappointing robot mode, largely due to the poorly engineered shoulders. The colours are a little dull & he's a tad backheavy, but the shoulders float awkwardly, and any arm posing will cause the arms to "float" out of position. The face is quite nice and there's a distinctly alien feel to this four-armed robot, but the execution really is lacking.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Insection has two somewhat limited modes and while there's interesting concepts here - and a very alien feel about the robot mode which fits into ROTF's general theme - the engineering lets him down. The shoulders are the big drawback here, but the heelspurs probably should have been bigger also. The insect mode is well done, aside from the flanks (robot shoulders). Robot mode poses are limited in scope although the overall articulation is good. One of the weakest scouts the movie lines have offered (although they're generally very good), Insecticon doesn't live up to the potential of the concept - 6/10

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