ROTF Hubcap Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Hubcap
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Vintage Car

Height: 4cm Length: 10cm Width: 5cm

   A red vintage car - probably a 1930s model - with silver painted grille, headlights, bumpers and exhausts (which hang out the sides of the engine and along the bottom of the doors), Hubcap has black windows and tyres. There's a small black Autobot logo stamped above the grille - where a hood ornament would be. It's a simple colour scheme and one that works well enough on this fairly straightforward vehicle mode. The name Hubcap has been assigned to a few Autobots down the years, but it was only assigned to a red toy once before.

   There's not a whole lot to this vehicle mode. It's fairly realistic, although I couldn't tell you what kind of car Hubcap is. The closest match I can find is the Micromaster Greaser. The detailing is pretty good, complete with a boot (truck) featuring seams and a handle at the back, door seams and handles on the sides and seams on the hood up front. There are rear vision mirrors while the grille and exhausts are well detailed. My only complaint here is that the lower halves of the doors tend to pop out slightly, thanks to the tight clearances inside (where there's basically a folded up robot).

   A fairly straightforward but well designed car mode with sensible colours, good detailing and an unusual choice of car model. While Hubcap's not especially flashy, he stands out being a vintage car - rare amongst Transformers and aside from the door panels, everything is as it should be. Even then, they're a minor issue.


   Pull the door panels out to form arms, fold down the grille to form a chestplate and reveal the head hidden underneath his bonnet. Split and pull out the rear of the car to form legs, fold down the feet, Stand him up.

Height: 11.5cm Width: 7cm

   A grey and red robot, although there's a lot more grey here and sparing red. The thighs, upper arms and collar are grey while there's a darker grey plastic introduced on his boots and forearms. his head is also composed of this darker grey, with an orange mouthplate and metallic blue eyes. The boots and much of the torso are red, along with various panels hugging the limbs. Hubcap's chest is silver - it's the front of the vehicle mode. The stamped Autobot logo is central on his chest now. While there's not really much of a tribute in this toy, I do like the choice of orange for the mouthplate - something which does reference his G1 namesake.

   While much of Hubcap's robot mode is hidden in vehicle mode, he's not quite a shellformer. The front of the car is very prominent and there rear fenders sit nicely on his ankles. The chest looks really food and there exhausts on the outside of his forearms are also nice features. So while there's relatively little of the car mode here, there are prominent car features making Hubcap interesting. His front tyres are also visible on his shoulders, incidentally.

   Hubcap is well articulated but his poseability ends up just okay, since his head and waist are fixed. His shoulders swing and lift out to the sides while his elbows are ball jointed. His hands are sculpted with open palms. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while his knees are hinged with rotators and are somewhat restricted by panels behind them - this also works to limit poseability. The ankles are hinged as part of his transformation and the back of the rear fenders form heelspurs of sorts, but really his feet aren't that poseable. Hubcap lacks a weapon or any gimmicks.

   A nice little robot mode which looks very good, thanks to clever placement of alt mode elements, a subtle but nice tribute and good colours. Red and grey always work together and while Hubcap's colours are quite simple here, they're very effective. The poseability is a tad limited but it's a very solid robot mode for a scout.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Hubcap definitely fits into the "Keep It Simple Stupid" concept. There's not much here that hasn't been seen the Transformers line before, but with good colours, two attractive modes and no real flaws, he ends up as a great little toy. I'd definitely recommend him if you like movie toys or Classics/Universe (where he'd not feel out of place). This is a movie toy I'd recommend even to fans who like the older toys - 9/10

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