Road Rage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Road Rage
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Air/Ground Combat
Alternate Mode: Chevy Corvette

Height: 3cm Length: 11.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   A red 1970's model Chevrolet Corvette, Road Rage is typical of the Diaclone based Autobots. She's a fairly realistic Corvette, with rubber tyres and chromed mag wheels. Her front windscreen and side windows are clear plastic, the rear window is painted black. She has a little panel on her roof which lifts up to insert a Diaclone driver - the doors do not open.

   She has a large flame motif sticker on the hood, with an Autobot symbol as a centrepiece. This sticker is yellow and red, it blends in somewhat with the hood, I actually prefer the way it looks on Tracks (who shares both the mould and the sticker), since on his it stands out more as a centrepiece. It doesn't look bad on Road Rage, mind you.

   There's not really much to complain about in car mode - it's a very nice car mode. There's some robot bits visible along the sides under the doors and a hole on back for her missile launchers, but then she has moulded headlights and taillights as well as doorhandles!

   I'll admit I've always preferred this older style of Chevrolet to the newer styling that Freeway has, but car model aside it's still a good mode.


   Swing down the arm & wing assemblies on her underside, bring them out to the sides, swing the arms in alongside her doors. Attach the missile launchers and missiles, clip her gun onto the underside.

Height: 5cm Length: 11.5cm Width: 13cm

   It's unusual for the Diaclone toys to have an attack mode - even then usually it's a base formed from an unused part of the alt mode (Ratchet, Optimus Prime). This is a nice addition, it adds to the coolness of what's a pretty decent toy anyway. Her gun is asymmetric, and sits on her underside, it can be tricky to get this mode to sit flat on a table. Otherwise this mode is a good thing.


   Pull forward the bonnet which will split to form the legs. Fold the feet down from underneath, swivel her waist 180. Swing down the arm & wing assemblies on her underside, bring them out to the sides, swing the arms in alongside her doors, slide her fists out. Fold down the spoiler to reveal her head. Attach the missile launchers and missiles onto her spoiler and give her the handgun.

Height: 14cm Width: 13cm

   The red is now joined by black, indigo and white in this mode, which works pretty well. She actually has an extra colour than Tracks - the white on Tracks has been replaced with both indigo and white on Road Rage. Her shoulders, chest, the sides of her legs and her feet are red, her thighs & shins, groin & arms are black, her sternum & waist are white, with the indigo on her head and wings. Her face is silver, at first glance you could miss this and think it's white. She has a mouthplate, like Tracks' toy. Her shoulder assembly extends over her head like a hood.

   With the wings pointing out from behind her upper arms and the twin missile launcher sitting on top of her hood, Road Rage has a rather decorative robot mode. Like her other modes, it's a sweet looking mode. The missiles and their launchers are indigo. Her gun is black, like Tracks' - which I'm very happy about since my Road Rage came without a gun (I have a spare Tracks who loaned her a gun!). The missiles don't shoot very far, but then this is a good thing since the missiles are small and hence potentially easy to lose. You may be able to substitute Tracks' gun but his missile are a different colour.

   As mentioned, the missiles shoot. Adding to the play value is the poseability. Her elbows can swing up, her waist swivels and her shoulders swing out, allowing her to shoot to the side. Her missile launchers attach to a black plate which attaches to the hood on posts, allowing you to individually target the missiles up and down, which is a nice addition. Not as poseable as some Diaclones, but by no means the worst.

   Like her other modes, Road Rage has a good robot mode. It looks cool, the colours work and there's play value. The only real drawbacks is somewhat short thighs. But then her shins are die-cast which makes up for this for me. I'm also impressed with the distinctly different colours, especially the extra colour - she really looks quite different from Tracks.


   Road Rage is essentially a reissue of the Diaclone on which Tracks was based. These original colours did find their way into Tracks' packaging in Europe in 1985, mind you. Road Rage herself didn't make her way into the Transformers line until 2002 when Takara released her as an eHobby exclusive. By which time this colour scheme already had quite a history!


   Whilst buying Road Rage might be somewhat pricey (and often you find her sold with Crosscut, with whom she was originally packaged), she is a nice toy. The colour scheme has a history, as mentioned. It's a good colour scheme, a good mould and of course this is the first female Diaclone based Transformer. 8/10, partly because some elements work better in Tracks' colours, but also because of the price you're likely to pay for this limited-run toy

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