Roadcaeser Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Roadcaeser
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Three-Gun Gestalt Knight
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Blacker, Braver and Laster.

Thanks to Pulse for lending me Roadcaeser for this review.

Height: 25cm Width: 20cm

   A weird fusion of three robots, Roadcaeser's boots are Braver and Laster while the upper body is Blacker. As a result the boots are huge, the hips wide and the upper body fairly small. What I find most disappointing about this is how little of the front of this gestalt is actually the three component robots - most of it is add-on. The head, chestplate, forearms, shinplates and feet are all added on, leaving the thighs (Blacker's boots) and upper arms (Blacker's arms). The colour scheme acquits itself okay, but not that well for a gestalt with so many add-ons. The chestplate, feet and head are blue while the upper arms and thighs are black, the knees and forearms grey while the left shin is red and the right shin yellow. It _works_, but it's not as unified as you'd hope for a set with all these add-ons. The face and waist are silver while his eyes are mid blue. There's also some silver on the chest, flanking an Autobot logo.

   Blacker does a decent job of spreading himself to look wider, but this is still a very bottom-heavy form. The chestplate covers much of Blacker, but his hips and shoulders do spread nicely. The arms can swing and there are blue cannons which fold forward on his forearms. The three components' swords combine to form a sword for Roadcaeser to wield. It's a decent sword, if not especially impressive or imposing. I would have preferred a nice imposing specialised gun or sword, but this one will do.

   None of the components here are especially impressive individually - they're all quite simple for their size, and while Blacker does contribute somewhat, in that his arms and legs have jointing to allow for the combination, Laster and Braver do nothing special to become the boots. Considering how disappointing the components are, this is one gestalt which _is_ more than the sum of its parts.


   None that I'm aware of. They'd be worth a fortune.


   A forgettable gestalt, Roadcaeser relies too much on add-on pieces, which is a by product of being a three-robot gestalt. While it's nice that Takara tried something different, it doesn't really come off. The bodyshape is odd with wide hips and a narrow torso - also a result the three-robot combination. While this combined mode is passable and has decent colours, it's weaker than most G1 gestalts and the components are all underwhelming anyway. Considering how much you're likely to pay for Roadcaeser, I can't recommend him. One for real fans of Victory or completists - 4/10

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