Rippersnapper Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rippersnapper
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Terrorist
Alternate Mode: Bipedal shark monster

Height: 8cm (fully upright) Width: 5cm (no fixed length since it can vary widely depending on pose)

   A grey shark-headed monster with blue limbs (legs and arms), a grey tail and very small eyes. You're not meant to look at the underside, the topside is fairly smooth (what else would you expect? - it's a shark!). There's two grooves on the back for the transform and a hole into which you insert the backpack-gun - which is a blue double-barrelled affair, to be honest I'm fairly neutral about it. It looks ok, but it doesn't add much to the overall effect and doesn't detract either.

   The shark mode is actually quite poseable, all four limbs are on swivel joints so he can walk and reach out and bend over. The joints are fairly tight too, so he stays in whatever position you put him in. This is good since it means he won't keel over if he's leaning forward. The tail can position (higher or lower), although essentially this is part of the transform.


   Push the tail up, swing back all four limbs, fold back the head, extend the lower section to form the legs and swing up the robot arms. Simple, huh?

Height: 10cm (8cm at the head, 2cm of backpack) Width: 5cm

   Like his shark mode, Rippersnapper has a mainly grey robot mode. The arms, thighs & head are blue and the eyes yellow, which contrasts well with the dark blue of the head. There's also a blue strip down the front of the chest - the connection post for when Rippersnapper's in Abominus arm mode.

   The robot mode's nowhere near as cool as the shark mode, since the arms are way too short and too low down the torso. Also the folded back limbs just sit there on the sides, although they're sort of hidden by the virtue of the fact that they're a lot darker than the robot itself.


   There's a rubsign indent on the head of the shark mode in the 1987 release of this toy which was filled in by the time he was released again in 1988.


   A good monster mode but a lagging robot mode (something of a common thing amongst Terrorcons). Rippersnapper's nice for the size & price, but not great. If you don't like the square peg combiner limbs you probably wont like him since there's lots of others that are better, but he's decent if you like them. A must if you want to form Abominus, which to be honest justifies getting him anyway - 6.5/10

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