Rescue Force Leozak Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: none, officially. Usually called "Leozak"
Series: "European" Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Vehicular Mode: F-14 Fighter Jet

Thanks to Griffin for loaning me Leozak, making this review possible.

Height: 5cm Length: 14cm Width: 9/14cm (swing wing, retracted/extended)

   A white F-14 Tomcat Fighter jet with a red nose & cockpit assembly, red wings and red tailfins. His canopy is painted blue, and he has a black fold down front landing gear (the wheel is solid cast). There are yellow and black danger stripes on his stickers, encompassing Autobot logos. This is a pretty good repaint, markedly different to the original Destron's colour scheme, which really anchors Leozak as an Autobot.

   As well as the fold down front wheel, the robot feet also form pseudo-landing gear at the back. The wings do swing out, and Leozak's cherry red gun can plug into a hole between the engines. The wings swing out independently, which along with the gun and wheels makes for pretty decent play value. He doesn't really lie flat with the landing gear up, but it's nice that they gave him moving landing gear.

   With nice play value, a good colour scheme and a useful gun, this is a good repaint. The colours evoke Jetfire, and work well on their own anyway.


   Extend the rear section, fold up the stabilisers. Flip up the nose, swing the wings forward as far as they can go. Position the arms, give him his handgun.

Height: 11cm Width: 9cm

   Still largely white, Leozak has red feet, thighs and arms, as well as red wings on his back (pointing towards the sky). His face is silver, the moulding is quite good and comes out better than on the original Japanese toy. He has small lion ears on his head, which you can easily miss at a glance. It's a nice touch, even if the lion theme is diluted without the breast partner. Leozak sports an Autobot symbol on the centre of his torso, which looks a little bare, since there's a fairly obvious slot for LionBreast there.

   The replacement handgun is pretty good, certainly better than the other Rescue Force toys. There's not much poseability, here - the shoulders swing and thatís it.

   The general proportions are good, and the colours work quite well. The wings look cool, and give him an air of authority, The Rescue Force didn't have anything in the way of characterisation but Leozak would seem to be the obvious choice of leader.

   A pretty good robot mode, even with the loss of the breast partner. The cherry red gun helps this repaint work well, although the lion ears, colours and facial sculpt all contribute to a good robot mode.


   This toy came with either a red or silver weapon, I prefer the red but both colours work. As mentioned he's a repaint of an earlier Japanese toy.


   A nice figure even if he lacks a breast partner and doesn't form part of a gestalt. The colours are quite nice and really give this nameless toy some character. While he's not the easiest toy to find, this mould is worthwhile and this version works well - 8/10

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