Reptilion Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Reptilion
Series: Transformers Universe
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Lizard

Height: 8.5cm Length: 17.5cm Width: 11cm

   A repaint of the blue and orange Transmetal 2 Iguanus, Reptilion starts out right by bringing this mould from the horribly unrealistic blue to a brown base plastic. But then you throw in some tennis-ball green plastic on his limbs along with purple and silver swirls on the frill and Reptilion is a mess. And there's actually potential here. Three of his feet, much of the head and his tail are sprayed with a tasteful metallic green but the front left leg is silver and purple and there's more of that damn bright green on the frill, which is a mess of paint. The right eye is red (and organic) while his left eye is a silver mechanical affair. Considering how poorly coloured Iguanus' lizard mode is, the guy who repainted Iguanus should be ashamed of himself. The annoying part is that the brown and metallic green on their own have potential. The soft brown plastic of the tail even manages a pearly sheen.

   As with all Transmetal 2s, there's a lot of moulded detail here. The legs, head, tail and frill are all quite detailed, although the stupid proliferation of colour on the frill does a great job of hiding the detail there. The level of detail is actually quite spectacular but it's just overwhelmed by the colours. Close inspection will reveal the asymmetry the Transmetal 2 designers loved so much as well as some really nice detailing on his legs. If only this repaint had been allowed to focus on that detail.

   As with the original Iguanus, this toy is a mixture of different lizards. The head is clearly an iguana head of some type, yet he has a frilled neck. Incidentally this frill is made up of five hinged leaves, and if you lift the central leaf, all five should fan out. It doesn't work as well as I suspect the designers hoped it would - the outer leaves don't fan much without some help and lifting the frill reveals the robot chest hiding underneath. There's no way of keeping it out anyway, other than holding it.

   As well as the dubious frill gimmick, Reptilion comes with a missile launcher, which sits inside his mouth. The lower jaw opens to reveal a bright green launcher (actually, it's open by default really) and some white teeth. The single green missile is quite long and slides almost all the way in. it'll fire about half a metre when you pull back on a rather obscure green trigger underneath the head. The launcher is effective but the location of the trigger bugs me - there's no easy way to stand him and fire the missile. The knees and ankles are all ball joints while there's some wiggle in his front hips. The tail is moulded into an S shape and can wiggle up and down a little. Other than the tail the poseability is all you could really ask of a lizard beast mode.

   A detailed lizard mode that is again wrecked by colour choices. I still hate the frilled neck (do we _really_ need it to realise it's a lizard?), and hate it even more for the jumble of colours it now sports. Looking like G2 Bruticus threw up on him, Reptilion's beast mode is ridiculous.


   Remove the missile if it's loaded. Pull the front legs out to the sides and rotate the head underneath the body of the iguana. Swing the hips down and clip them together, straighten out the forelimbs to form his robot legs. Split the hips covering his head and fold down the hindlegs to form his arms. Fold the tail back to form a long ponytail of sorts. Straighten the arms, swing down his thumbs and give him the missile as a club.

Height: 12.5cm Width: 9.5cm

   The brown and metallic green form the basis of this mode, with the tennis-ball green on his forearms, groin and thighs. The hands, chest and right boot are sprayed with the metallic green but the left boot is silver with a purple knee, which looks awfully out of place. Meanwhile they've given him a menthol green face with silver teeth, while the right eye is lime green and the left is an unpainted patch. The patch stands out more than on Iguanus, one of the few improvements on this repaint. In one sense this colour scheme is more unified that Iguanus' robot mode, but the bright green is still awful, the left boot looks terrible and I'm still trying to work out why they felt adding another green to the mix was a good idea. This _is_ a better colour scheme than his beast mode, purely because the frill is such an eyesore.

   Reptilion again has a great level of detail, and the chest sculpt is subtly highlighted by the metallic green - hinting at what could have been. His mouth has pointy teeth and he has a evil grin happening, but it doesn't look right against the menthol green. The left side of his chest sports a brown panel that swings out to the side to reveal a stamped Decepticon logo (on a still-transparent purple spark crystal). The frill forms a sort of armour skirt and the beast head is rather cleverly hidden inside the torso.

   The arms are a little longer than they should be, mainly since his hands are quite large. He's slightly squat compared to most deluxes too, which doesn't help. The proportions aren't perfect but they're close enough - and they're the least of his problems. There's a lot of mass on the back - the beast head sticks out the back to some extent, the tail hands off his head and the skirt of course hangs there - luckily the inside is unpainted, the brown plastic doesn't grab your attention. The heelspurs aren't as big as I'd like them but considering how much kibble Reptilion has he's surprisingly stable.

   The poseability is good, as you'd expect of a Transmetal 2 mould. The shoulders rotate with hinges below them allowing the arms to lift to the sides. The elbows, hips, knees, wrists and ankles are all ball jointed while the opposable thumbs move. The head can rotate from side to side, although the tail hanging off restricts it somewhat. The missile launcher is unusable now - unusual for a Beast Wars firing mechanism. The missile cannot stow either, so it's a club or nothing it seems. That's if the paint job doesn't burn your retinae first.

   Much better than the beast mode in the colour stakes, but there are still problems. The play value is nice, he's quite poseable although the loss of the launcher counts against him. Some clever engineering has gone into making sure this isn't a mess of kibble, but it's not enough to save Reptilion from his colours.


   None, thankfully.


   As with most of the early Transformers: Universe toys, Reptilion's colours are awful (Obsidian is an exception, BTW). The bright green simply doesn't need to be there and the random purple and silver paint apps hurt the look of the toy a _lot_. The frustrating thing is that the brown and metallic green are good choices, and had they stuck with just those colours, this guy would have been a lot better than Iguanus. The most damning thing I can say about Reptilion is that he makes the already-ugly Iguanus look good. I wouldn't recommend parting with more than a couple of dollars here - 2/10

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