Video Razorclaw Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Razorclaw (video recolour)
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Undercover Attack
Alt Mode: Crab (I think it's a fiddler crab)

Height: 3cm Length: 10cm Width: 10-15cm (depend on the poses of the claws)

   A maroon crab (as opposed to the blue/purple of the original - he's been cooked & sold with a tape!), with orange patterns on his claws and back, green eyes and legs. There's a slight speckle to the maroon & green parts.

   It's a pretty good crab mode. His rear set of legs are a little big, being the robot legs, but then they're poseable allowing him to lean back or lift his head (the other legs are stuck in place). His claws are fully poseable, and his jaw moves. It moonlights as his robot head but you get the distinct impression the jaw movement was deliberate all the same. The right claw is a lot bigger than the left (which I suspect means he's meant to be a fiddler crab - but any crustacean experts out there feel free to LMK how close I am). On the underside he even has the folded-up tail of a real crab, which is also a nice touch. His eyes are on stalks like eyes of a real crab. You don't have to play with this mode much to see that they really thought it out.


   Razorclaw was one of the first Beast Wars basic toys that didn't have an autotransform gimmick - but this is a good thing. It's complex enough yet not difficult - a lot of later basics ended up being as simple as the earlier ones.

   Fold that "tail" piece up (so it sticks out the back of the crab mode), straighten out the robot legs and open the feet. Lift the sides of the shell up (they swing) and fold his crab legs back. Position his arms and pull his head up and you're done.

Height: 10cm Width: 11cm

   This is a very nice robot mode. Head, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles (and heelspurs) are all poseable, allowing for pretty much any pose he'd care to make. He has no wrists, but then he doesn't have hands so it doesn't really count. Despite the 'kibble' (tail, shell halves). He's stable in a lot of poses thanks to those well-designed poseable feet

   The right hand (the larger claw) has a little lever on the back which opens the claw to reveal large spines (you can manually open the claw and the spines stay hidden). The left claw opens to reveal a gun. I personally like TFs which don't have any vital parts you can lose - so this is a big plus for me - both weapons are attached. The shell halves become wings, and look quite cool without getting in the way of the arms.

   In this mode the green comes into it's own. Green chest, upper arms, thighs & feet offset by red & silver wings, red abdomen, head, claws, knees and calves. Orange only really comes into it on his head, claws and his six pack on his abdomen. Silver gun, green spines, yellow eyes & grey mouthparts (which do look like a crab's mouthparts).


   Under the left wing. Clearly visible in robot mode, concealed as a crab.


   Well it's a recolour but other than that none AFAIK.


   Great toy. As you can probably tell from my rants above this toy has no real drawbacks, unless you skip recolours. Even then, this isn't a case of a recolour that doesn't work as often happens - although I can't decide if I like this or the original colours better - both work really well. I suppose this guy's a little louder but not by much (and it doesn't bother me anyway). If you haven't got the original, it's certainly a nice toy, although the cost may be higher because of the tape included. Of course the original never came out in Australia anyway so it kind of narrows the options available here. This guy gets 10/10 - great play value, nothing to lose, good colours and a good looking toy in both modes. If only all TFs were up to this standard....

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