Razorbeast Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Razorbeast
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Infantry
Alternate Mode: Wild Boar

Height: 6cm Length: 11cm Width: 5.5cm

   A reddish brown boar with black hooves and a black mane, Razorbeast has beige painted on his rump, which fades to red while his tail is beige plastic. There are four tusks, painted white, sticking out of his mouth. His eyes are black and there is moulded fur covering most of the body. The colours are more or less realistic, but there are an awful lot of transformation-related gaps on this beast, making it okay rather than exceptional.

   The mouth is permanently open, but the lower jaw is awfully disjointed, so the mouth doesn't really look much like a mouth. The snout is well done, saving the day somewhat, but again Razorbeast can't rise above mediocrity. The moulded fur is done fairly well, and while it's a little uninteresting, it shows that the designer was trying on this very early Beast Wars animal.

   There's not really any play value here. All four legs are on swivelling hips, but since the feet are fixed, he's only really able to stand upright. I'm not too worried about this, since his legs will happily support this beast mode - there are a lot of Beast Wars toys (mainly insects, it seems) with unstable legs, and these legs are fairly slender compared to the bulky body - ankle joints might be asking for trouble. I suppose an opening jaw or a movable tail would have been good to see, but the transformation scuttles both options.

   On the one hand it's quiet obvious the designer was trying to make a good beast mode - the colours are thoughtful and there are some good minor details on this boar. On the other hand, Razorbeast can't do much other than stand there. More than anything else, this beast mode is a victim of the transformation. While it's not a bad beast mode, it's simply unremarkable.


   Pulling up the tail activates his auto-transformation, which opens out the sides, folds down the head as a chestplate and pushes out the robot legs. In reality there's still more to do - the arms have to unclip from the sides, the beast legs have to swing in and the mane detaches and unfolds to become his handgun. Conceptually the transformation is simple and the layout is a good idea. While it's not a bad transformation, I think the basic layout would have worked better without spring loading, and would have allowed more poseability in boar mode.

Height: 11.5cm Width: 7cm

   Again mainly reddish-brown, Razorbeast has beige plastic on his thighs, upper arms and groin. The gun is basically the black mane (fur and all) with two beige barrels deployed from underneath, and while his eyes are black along with a patch on mane on the chest, the large black clump of fur in his hand doesn't fit into an otherwise good colour scheme.

   The sides of the beast form a sort of cape, behind his arms, and while this does limited poseability, it looks pretty good. The lower fangs sit as spines on top of the cap sides, giving Razorbeast some majesty. His head is an interesting mix of organic curves and a very robotic mouthplate, and is quite well done considering the face is largely unpainted.

   The articulation is fairly good here, even if the effective poseability is not. The knees, hips, neck, shoulders and elbows are all ball jointed, but with fairly short feet and a heavy backpack, Razorbeast isn't stable in many poses. The arms can only swing back slightly, since the cape gets in the way, as mentioned. Still, the arms offer more than the legs as far as useful movement goes.

   The gun is a waste of time. It looks awful, since it's not much more than a wig with some barrels. I actually prefer to leave it on his back - unlike many Beast Wars weapons, it can stay stowed in robot mode. You can actually reattach it to his back with the barrels deployed overhead, which gives Razorbeast some weaponry without having the hairpiece of death wrecking the look of the robot mode.

   I actually quite like the look of the robot mode - provided the gun is stowed, and while the gun is one of the worst amongst the Transformers and his poseability is a letdown, for one of Beast Wars' first basics I don't mind the robot mode. Granted, it's far from exceptional, but it looks nice save for the handgun.


   None as such although Randy of BW Neo is a repaint of Razorbeast (made of that notoriously brittle gold plastic).


   A pretty obscure toy and one that I feel is underrated, Razorbeast is far from memorable but considering that he's one of Beast Wars' earliest attempts he's an admirable effort. The colours are quite nice and there's effort in the beast mode. The play value is lacking and the gun is spectacularly pathetic, but there's still a charm to this simple figure - 5.5/10

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