Ransack Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ransack
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: Locust

Height: 4.5cm Length: 14cm Width: 5.5cm

   A black locust with yellow antennae and rear legs, a yellow abdomen and transparent orange wings. For those who are unfamiliar, locusts are shaped like grasshoppers - so Ransack is basically a black and yellow robotic grasshopper.

   He has big red dome eyes like the other Deluxe Insecticons. Unlike the rest of this group, he does not have six independently poseable legs. The front sets of legs are joined together - so the front and middle on each side are one crescent shaped piece of plastic. This works fine though - it's actually possible to lift his rear legs off the ground with the front and middle legs keeping him flat on the table, so while they don't move, they go a long way towards stability.

   While some Deluxe Insecticons have die cast visible on the insect mode, Ransack's is actually underneath in this mode. It's basically the internal frame of his torso, so it's not visible in either mode, and is unpainted. It does give this mode weight, so he feels nice and solid.

   Poseability is pretty good for 1985 - his wings lift up, his rear legs have ball jointed hips as well as hinged knees and feet, so mid-jump poses are possible (so long as he's mid air. His antennae swing around, and his antennae can rotate. Sure, it's not Beast Wars poseability, but he's better than most of the Takara moulds of his era.

   Perhaps the best part about this mode is that he _really_ looks like a locust - thanks to the legs which are well done - the rear legs have big beefy "thighs", which grasshoppers and locusts need to be able to jump so high. The colours also work quite well, making this a good insect mode.


   Rotate the panels just behind his head on either side down underneath the insect to form the robot chest (the fists will automatically pop out), then lift out the robot arms at the shoulders, then fold the arms down to his sides. Slide the abdomen up to form the waist and groin of the robot mode, collapse the rear legs into his torso to form the robot legs, fold the black thighs down over his locust legs to form the shins, fold out the feet and flip up the locust feet to form heelspurs. Rotate the smaller locust legs on his arms back and rotate the antennae on the back of his head down. Give him his gun and shield.

   It's a rather clever transformation that leaves Ransack with almost no kibble, but it's tricky in parts if you don't know what you're doing. Transforming the arms incorrectly will cause the fists to pop up and catch themselves, making life difficult.

Height: 12cm Width: 11cm

   Again Ransack is black and yellow, with a red eyestrip - a nice balance with the insect mode. His chest, head, forearms and thighs are black, while his waist/groin, shoulders, thighs and feet are yellow. His gun is black and shield yellow, continuing the mix of these two colours in this mode. His rubsign is now visible, on his chest. The orange of his wings is limited to his back, the red eyes of the animal mode are on either side of his head. Overall this colour scheme works quite well.

   As I've already mentioned, there's not really much kibble in this mode. The legs attached to his forearms are visible but don't interefere at all. His wings and antennae are stowed on his back out of sight, and don't interfere with poseability or stability. I like the fact that the legs actually incorporate the large hinglegs, so he's not burdened by huge heavy legs on his back (or worse).

   Poseability is entirely due to joints needed for his transformation. His shoulders lift up and down (a flapping motion, if you will), his hips, knees and feet are all jointed, although moving the hips too much will detach them from his torso. The leg poseability is the only meaningful poseability, and the heelspurs mean what poseability the legs have is useful since he's hard to destabilise.

   Overall, while it's not incredibly poseable, it's a good looking robot mode with a good colour scheme. The moulded detail is distinctly robotic, although the waist/groin piece looks like an insect abdomen. There's actually a good level of detail, helping make Ransack look good.


   None that I'm aware of.


   As with all Deluxe Insecticons, Ransack's a good toy. With no troublesome kibble and two good modes, he's worth getting if you're a G1 fan. Being a non-Takara mould, he didn't appear in the cartoon at all, but he's better than the Insecticons that did - 8/10

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