Rampage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rampage
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Gunner
Alternate Mode: Tiger

Height: 9cm Length: 13cm Width: 8cm

   An orange and red tiger with black legs and tail, Rampage has no stripes. His eyes are yellow and he has some gold stickers with rivets around the fringes, as if they were metal panels. The lack of stripes doesn't really hurt Rampage, incidentally. He's clearly a big cat, with a cat-like head and fangs hanging from his upper jaw. So he's a robotic big cat, the fact that he's a tiger is secondary to this, meaning the lack of stripes easily goes unnoticed.

   For 1986, this is a fairly good cat mode - as mentioned above he looks suitably cat-like. His hind legs are in a "ready to pounce" pose, which is appropriate since Rampage's spec tells us he's always ready to unleash his fury. Plus it just looks cool (c8

   The poseability is about what you'd except of a G1 animal mode. His head can rotate, his hindlegs can swing back (as if he's trying to reach prey in a tree) and his waist swivels. All of this is needed for his transformation, but does serve to give Rampage some movement. His lower jaw opens and shuts, which is not for the transformation - so this hinge exists purely for the sake of tiger mode articulation.

   You can attach his handguns to either shoulder, pointing them upwards for decoration or forwards for arming him - which is handy considering he's a gunner - although by the sounds of his tech spec, he'd happily jump at pretty much anything in his path if he had no shoulder weapons, anyway.

   There's a Decepticon logo on his back on one of the gold stickers, and there's also a rubsign indent about halfway down his back, and hopefully a rubsign. The tail is made of a soft black plastic, while the legs are a hard plastic. It's a nice touch, since it means this small protruding bit is less likely to snap off. This soft plastic seems to be a theme amongst the Predacons, who have a unified colour scheme.

   I like this tiger mode. The orange and red are very close shades, but work well together and the black complements them. The tiger looks menacing enough and there are little things like the opening jaw and soft tail that make this mode for me.


   Fold in the tail (if you don't, it'll be a phallus in robot mode!). Swing up the black parts of the hindlegs, and stow them on the rump of the animal, which lifts up to become the robot thighs. Swing down the orange casing on the rump to form the shins, flip out his feet. Rotate the waist, rotate the tiger head and slide down onto the robot chest, flip out the robot head. Swing the front legs of the beast down slightly, which will unlock the robot arms, then slide out the robot arms and swing the cat legs up into his back. Slide out his fists and give him his weaponry if you want.

Height: 17.5cm Width: 10cm

   Like the tiger mode, the robot mode is mainly red and orange, although he has black thighs, feet and a black... phallus (well, central stripe of his groin - the tiger's tail). His head is red with a red mouthplate and yellow eyes/nose/cheeks. Thanks to the mouthplate being raised relative to the rest of the face, it looks like he's wearing a hood and a facemask - in fact he almost looks ninja-like, although his tech spec rules that out.

   Anyway, this colour scheme works quite well, although the eyes being the same colour as his cheeks is a little dodgy. He has holes in his forearms, you can see right through them. The reason for this is so that the tabs on the back of the forearms you push aren't going to wear out and break from the pressure of being pushed all the time - there are guiding tabs on the front slots (that don't actually protrude from the forearm) so the fists don't push against the front when you slide them. So while it doesn't look great, it serves a useful purpose in preventing the tabs from breaking - and you from having to struggle everytime you want to get his hands out.

   Onto the positive aspects, which outweigh the negatives, BTW. The tiger head is now the focal point of the robot mode, being mounted on the chest (almost like a hunting trophy), which really looks good. On the right side of the chest is that purple Decepticon logo that was on his back before. The rubsign is also there, although it's obscured by the tiger head now.

   Rampage has good poseability for a G1 combiner - the shoulders rotate 360, as does the waist, the hips swing (although only about 40 forward) and the knees bend. He can't stand in too many poses since he has no heelspurs, but is perfectly stable at attention.

   This is one of the better Predacon robot modes, and while he has some flaws, the way they've made a feature of his animal mode head and his poseability really make this a fun robot mode.


   There's a plastic chest version and a rarer metal version, which has a die cast groin.


   As you might have noticed, I like Rampage. He was the first Predacon I got, and was my only Predacon for quite a while - none have quite lived up his standard for me (although the others are still good toys). If you only get one Predacon, get Rampage, since both modes are nifty and he has a cool colour scheme. Of course, I recommend getting the lot, since Predaking kicks butt. Anyway, the Predacons' resident nutcase is a toy I recommend - 8/10

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