Ramjet Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ramjet
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: Modified F-15 Eagle Jet

Height: 7cm Length: 21cm Width: 15cm

   Ramjet's main colours in jet mode are white and maroon, which a fair dose of black. His fuselage is white, the wings black. His cockpit is a smokey transparent plastic and his nose is a rubberised black plastic. His jet engines are solid black, as are the bombs under his wings and the stabilisers mounted on his wings and the jets at their bases. The tops of the air intakes are black-painted metal, but there's silver stickers which conceal this. He has a black rubberised nosetip. Like all seekers, he's got big Decepticon stickers on the wings and a smaller one on the nose. Also, just behind the left air intake there's a rubsign.

   Ramjet's wings are swept back, and sit further back than on a real F-15 (the rear edges are in line with the jets). As mentioned, his stabilisers are mounted on top of his wings rather than on the sides of the fuselage. I suppose this design has some chance of being able to fly - certainly more so than Dirge and Thrust. The missiles are more like bombs really, being large and solid. They look reasonable cool in this mode, although they're not the sort of armament fighters normally carry - they'd be air to ground, whereas usually fighters have air to air projectiles.

   Being essentially a Diaclone toy, Ramjet isn't really poseable. But in this mode that's OK - F-15s are fixed wing aircraft. I guess he can drop his bombs, since they detach for robot mode. The front undercarriage _can_ actually turn, and he does roll. The cockpit can also open, revealing an empty white tray just right for a Diaclone pilot to fit in.

   I'm not sold on the bombs, although I don't dislike them in this mode. The wing modification and colour scheme are fine, although the colours are a little bland for my liking. It's really quite hard for me to seriously fault this vehicle mode. The only real fault is that the wing posts are slightly too long, making the wings stick out too far, but you can easily file them down (as I have on all my seekers), to make them flush with the fuselage. There's also a gap between the engines at the rear of the aircraft.


   Remove the front undercarriage and place it inside the cockpit. Flip back the rear wheels to form the feet. Stand him up and push the plastic bit on his chest till it swings out to form the arms. Fold the nose down, then swing it through the chest until the cockpit rests on his chest. Fold the nosecone back to reveal the head (the toys are not meant to be coneheads, although you can fold it up if you like). Attach his fists, fold the wings back slightly and attach the missile launchers to the arms.

   One thing that has always bothered me about this transformation is that there's nowhere for the fists in jet mode. While you can store everything else, it does make for very easily lost fists. Of course, the other detachable parts are commonly lost anyway.

Height: 14cm Width: 14cm

   The white dominates in this mode, the maroon of his wings isn't as prevalent since the wings are sweeping back. The black is more noticeable now, however - on his fists, feet, torso, air intakes and face. The black chest is broken by the white cockpit with smokey glass. Oh and of course this toy is not meant to be a conehead, but it adds more white to his head if he is. I really don't like the conehead look on Dirge or Thrust, but it's not so bad on Ramjet since he has huge missiles and wings that only work pointing down. The missiles are completely black, and are huge compared to other seeker weapons.

   Aside from his shoulders being able to move, Ramjet pretty much just stands there. His shoulders do move in pretty much every direction, however, courtesy of his transformation, although the posing of these is restricted by the jets on his weapons sticking up past his shoulders by about a centimetre. The black air intakes form big towers on top of each shoulder, which look pretty good. If you look at the toy of Ramjet and compare it to the show, the toy appears to be missing thighs. Basically, the proportions are the same, but in the toy the legs are one piece and the show added thighs that the toy simply doesn't have.

   I'm not a huge fan of Ramjet compared to the other seekers. The weapons really don't work in this mode - they're too big. They overwhelm his arms and limited poseability. The wing design hampers what you can do with the wings - while on the other seekers they can swivel up and become a feature, on Ramjet they're really not much more than kibble. The stabilisers on the back of them does make him incredibly stable though. You can detach them and put them on the sides of his feet, but they don't really look very good there. While the basic seeker mould is cool, the wings hurt a little and the bombs hurt this mode a lot. I don't hate this mode, but it's the weakest seeker robot mode.


   Shares his basic mould with Thundercracker, Starscream, Skywarp, Dirge & Thrust. No variations as such that I know of, although he was redone (badly) in G2.


   Of the three 1985 seeker retools, Ramjet is the weakest. The colour scheme is fine, the bombs cause robot mode problems. His wings fail to inspire in robot mode, although don't cause problems as such. The jet mode is fine, but considering there are six seekers you can choose from, it leaves Ramjet as the 6th option. He's much better than his G2 version, though, which had ridiculous colours. For Diaclone-based Transformer fans, Ramjet isn't a bad toy, but one with flaws that keep me from recommending it. Of course, the sheer number of detachable bits you can loose work against him somewhat, but the complete toy is good. The worst of the seekers, although he's worth picking up if you're a G1 cartoon fan - and his conehead works the best of the 1985 seekers - 5.5/10

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