Rairyu Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rairyu
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Sea-Devil Soldier
Alternate Mode: Warthog Monster

Thanks to heroic decepticon for loaning me Rairyu for this review

Height: 4.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A white and metallic charcoal quadrupedal robotic monster, Rairyu's front section and head are white while the rear half and all four limbs are charcoal. His eyes are painted red, which stands out easily against the white backdrop. This is a very straightforward colour scheme and quite striking thanks to the contrast. he's a repaint of Birdbrain and shares his colours with Kakuryu.

   Rairyu is a very blocky animal with legs that are little more than bricks on hinges. There are two small tusks on either side of his head, making him a warthog. He has no tail, and this stocky beast could pass for a Rhino or Hippo (and probably other ungulates) if not for the tusks. The legs are all hinged, but without knees there aren't that many stable poses.

   A boring creature in nice colours. The tusks are about all that define him as a warthog, so it's only really the colours that allow him to stand out. His animal mode is better than that of Birdbrain by virtue of nicer colours and losing the inappropriate name.


   Flip the back half up to form his robot boots and swing the hindlegs back to form heelspurs. Fold back the warthog head to reveal the robot head. The forelegs simply become his arms without any manipulation, but you might like to swing them down from pointing forward. You can't swing them right down to his sides since they're moulded with bent elbows. Lastly, give Rairyu his charcoal handgun.

Height: 6cm Width: 2.5cm

   Now a white robot with charcoal boots and arms and a red face, Rairyu's colours work almost as well as in animal mode. The red paint masks his facial detail, although it's incredibly simple. The colours are about as good as Birdbrain's - the contrast isn't quite as striking now.

   The colours are probably the best thing here. It's quite a small robot mode, and his hindlegs hang off the boots, which are a single piece and there's very little shaping to this blocky robot. When I say blocky, this guy looks like he could have been assembled out of Lego blocks!

   The only poseability here is the swinging shoulders, which would have been great for wielding his gun if it wasn't so big. Why they gave the smallest member of this set the widest gun is beyond me. I suppose the upside is that the gun has wings.

   A simple robot mode, and while it's boring it's not _awful_, it's very underwhelming. His blockiness is a little less awkward here than in his animal mode. It still rates as one of the worse robot modes in this set, although it's not the worst.

The Pretender Shell

   A grey Apatosaurus (thanks to SilverDragon for the species) with a slightly lighter grey on his backpack, which also features gold and black. There's green and gold on top of the head & neck armour, while the tail armour is a mix of gold and grey (the tip end is unpainted). his eyes are small and unpainted. The greys might seem bland but the black, green and gold add enough colour to make this colour scheme work.

   As with most Dinoforce shells, it's in a walking pose, but unlike the others, his left feet are together as one piece. His charcoal handgun sits on top of and there's a slot on the back for Dinoking's groin piece - which sticks out prominently. I can live with the awkward groin piece - someone has to carry it. The tail's tip actually detaches, which helps prevent it snapping off. There are black moulded cannons on either side of the backpack.

   A nice shell which does a good job of a somewhat "uncool" plodding choice of creature and a bland basic colour. It's one of my favourites in this set as a result - Rairyu's shell really lives up to it's potential.


   None I'm aware of. As mentioned, he's a repaint of Birdbrain.


   A fairly uneventful inner robot with very straightforward colours, but he puts them to good use in animal mode. The shell really shines, and makes this a very good toy overall. He's better than Birdbrain, but given the cost of this set, he's a toy I'd only recommend if you're looking at Dinoking - 5/10

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