Rage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rage
Series: "European" G1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Leader
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 3cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 5cm

   A black sports car with black tyres, chrome painted hubcaps and transparent yellow windows. Rage also has transparent yellow headlights and bellow at the back (made of soft plastic), along with an assortment of stickers, including front indicators, taillights and the word "Transformers" above the rear wheels. The black and yellow works fairly well, although the black paint on his roof and bonnet doesn't quite match the black plastic elsewhere.

   Aside from the somewhat obvious "Transformers" in red on his sides, the G2 Decepticon badge on the bonnet and the bellows, Rage is more or less realistic. I'm pretty certain he's based on an actual sports car (there are some shape similarities to the Jaguar XJR-220) although I don't know what model it is. There are air intakes on the sides like those on a lot of Ferraris. It's a fairly sleek car, and while he's not seamless Rage fits together better than a lot of simple sport car Transformers.

   Rage is a member of the Decepticon team known as Stormtroopers (a name that always reminds me of Star Wars), and the central gimmick is a water-squirting mechanism. Rage has a small silver nozzle on his front bumper, which shoots water stored in the yellow bellow at the back when the bellow is compressed. It's not a terribly impressive gimmick although it works reasonably well. There's a secondary gimmick based on the painted hood. If Rage is himself shot with warm water on the painted bonnet - presumably by an Aquaspeeder (the Autobot version of the Stormtroopers), his bonnet will turn yellow. The changing paint is unimpressive, and doesn't really justify the colour difference for me, but Rage is more unified than some of his teammates (and opponents).

   Despite the silly heat gimmick, Rage is a decent sports car for his size. In fact his vehicle mode is probably the nicest of the eight water-shooting toys, since it's sleek and fairly believable.


   Unclip the nozzle from his bumper, slide the water tube out the back of the toy and set aside. Extend the rear as his legs, flip out his feet. Pull the front fenders out to the sides to form his arms and fold down the bonnet to form his chest. Position his forearms and give Rage the water tube as a weapon.

Height: 11cm Width: 7.5cm

   Again primarily black, but like all of the Stormtroopers/Aquaspeeders, Rage has a cast of supporting colours - burgundy forearms and feet, peach kneecaps, extensive transparent yellow plastic and transparent red thighs/groin (which is only apparent if there's a lightsource behind him). Rage has a very successful lightpipe and the yellow windshield sits on his back. While many of his teammates - and other toys of the era - feature an odd mix of supporting colours, Rage manages to look fairly unified, especially next to some of the Aquaspeeders. I actually quite like the mix of black, burgundy and yellow, which helps.

   Rage has wide shoulders, complete with the edges of the bumper as shoulderpads, while his chest is the bonnet of the car. His bodyshape is fitting of a leader, even if he's a small and inexpensive toy for a leader. The lightpipe really helps give Rage a feeling of power, which I appreciate.

   The weapon itself is a silver nozzle and the silver bellows-bracket, connected by a 3 inch (7cm) soft transparent yellow plastic tube. Both ends have posts, although Rage can only really hold the nozzle in a meaningful way. You're meant to stow the tube under his arm with the bellow attached to a hole on his back, although it can simply hang out the back unsupported. The gimmick works equally well here and I don't mind the colour gimmick as much since the black is more broken up anyway. It's still not all that impressive, but at least it's not a hindrance. The forearms lift up and the shoulders lift out to the sides.

   While this robot mode isn't spectacular, it's solid and works for what it is. The colours are pretty good for a late "European" G1 robot mode and he displays well, so I'm happy.


   None as such. Along with the rest of the Stormtroopers, Rage was sold only in Europe and Australasia, and the mould has never been released in North America - which is a shame since the Stormtroopers are generally stronger than the Aquaspeeders (which were recoloured, renamed and sold in the USA).


   While there's nothing groundbreaking here, I quite like Rage. He's the best of the eight water-shooting toys of his era, with two attractive modes. The water and colour gimmicks aren't terribly exciting and to be honesty I tried it out once then moved on. I'm not sure if he's worth importing if you're in North America - Stormtroopers are hard to come by on the secondary market - but if you're outside North America and come across him at retail (A$10) or less, I'd recommend grabbing Rage - 7/10

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