Quickstrike Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Quickstrike
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Desert Combat Expert
Alternate Mode: Scorpion/Cobra Fusion

Height: ~10cm Length: ~20cm Width: 9cm

   Essentially, Quickstrike is a yellow scorpion with a brown snake for a tail. Which works surprisingly well. His body and claws are a transparent yellow (bordering on orange), his legs a shiny orange, his tail, including the cobra head on the end, brown. He has metallic green paint details on his claws, body and both heads. The eyes are red on both heads.

   Whilst I'm not totally sold on the transparent yellow, the colour scheme is decent. It certainly gives him a "wild west" feel - it's easy to see why they made him a displaced cowboy in the cartoon. As mentioned, the scorpion with a cobra tail works - in fact it's really cool. It helps that the tail is poseable so he can lash out and bite enemies with his tail.

   There's a lot of play value in this mode. The claws are on limbs which have two ball joints (they're too long, since they're the robot feet, but it still works). The claws are jointed too, so he can clasp on stuff. The legs are one piece per side, so you can't really pose them. In fact he rests on his belly rather than standing on his legs, but it looks close enough.

   The best feature in this mode is the tail. It has 6 brown segments and the cobra head, and they're all connected via ball joints, which are tight enough to hold the weight of the head. So you can pose this appendage pretty much any way you like. His cobra head has a jaw (actually, so does his scorpion one), if you squeeze his head the jaw opens. As an added bonus, this allows you to squirt water out.

   This is a great beast mode, and a great advertisement for the Fuzor concept. Of course, it went downhill from here for that line, but that doesn't mean Quickstrike's not worth it.


   Detach the leg assembly from the scorpion belly, swivel it and the tail 90. Fold the front half down, the robot head will push out and the torso form. Fold the scorpion head down to become his... hindquarter. Reposition the claws to the legs, open them out to form the feet. Fold the legs in on themselves and reposition the arm they attach to, position the tail-arm as desired.

Height: 11.5cm Width variable

   Still basically yellow & brown, Quickstrike has brown thighs, arms, shoulders and yellow everything else. The right arm is formed from his tail - it's really long with a cobra head in place of a hand. The left arm has a giant orange claw at the end formed from the beast mode legs. That's right, he doesn't actually have any hands. He's still got lots of green, including a Zorro like mask on his head. Since the head is transparent yellow, it gives him something of a lightpipe, though it doesn't work that well since he has a green hood behind his head.

   His proportions are a little off - the feet formed from his claws are huge, and of course he has a long bendy arm and a huge claw on the other arm. I can forgive the arms since both look cool and have combat uses.

   Poseability is pretty good. The clown feet mean he can stand in a variety of poses - you can extend the long arm out and his feet anchor him to the desk quite well. He's got ball joints for knees, hips, shoulders and one elbow (the other arm having lots of ball joints). The head turns, the claw opens and closes and his cobra jaw can open to grasp string or paper or other small items.

   It's a good robot mode, poseable and fun, even if some of the proportions are a bit of a stretch.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Easily one of the better Fuzors, Quickstrike is a fun toy and one I'd definitely recommend. His lack of hands doesn't hurt since they're replaced by combat weapons rather than just kibble, which is the case with some Beast Wars toys. The fusion works well, the play value good in both modes. The abundance of the transparent yellow is probably his only significant fault - 8/10

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