Quickmix Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Quickmix
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Chemist
Alternate Mode: Cement Mixer

Height: 5.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 5.5cm

   A red cement mixer with light beige rear wheelbays and a light beige drum on the back, Quickmix has painted yellow windows and some stickers here and there that seem to revolve around black and greens. He has six black plastic tyres, one pair at the front and two at the back. The colour scheme is fairly simple and works well enough, without being terribly exciting. The headlights are chromed silver, which is an unusual expense for a 1988 toy, something I appreciate.

   The wheels all roll although without axles or rubber he rolls poorly, no better or worse than most G1 cars. There are holes on either side of the barrel for the blue Boomer and yellow Ricochet to plug into in their gun modes, giving Quickmix an attack mode of sorts. Both can aim up and down, and can form a compound gun which you can attach to either side. The Targetmaster gimmick provides the play value here, really.

   This is a good cement mixer considering how simple the small Targetmasters are, and I like the fact that the drum is well defined, even if the chute on the back is absent. The drum doesn't turn, granted, but it transforms into the torso, which is quite clever so I can deal with it being static here.

   While the colours and play value aren't spectacular, the Targetmaster gimmick gives Quickmix enough play value to keep me happy (at his pricepoint, anyway). The truck is reasonably well formed and has some nice touches like the chrome headlights and a well moulded cab section.


   Flip up the enginecover then fold out the cab to form his boots, swing out the rear wheel bays to form the arms. Stand Quickmix up, push in the barrel to form the centre of his torso, push down on the head (buried inside the barrel) to pop it out, give him a gun or two.

Height: 11.5cm Width: 7.5cm

   Again mainly red with light beige on his arms and a central panel of his torso. The face is chevron shaped with eyes and a mouthplate, and painted white which more or less matches the beige. The blue and yellow weaponry adds some colour without overwhelming the well laid out colours.

   The robot mode is fairly good, with some interesting design elements - notably the drum being the core of his chest. The boots are not in themselves anything special, but I like how the grille panel hides the yellow windows. There's an Autobot logo sticker in the middle of his chest, which fits in well.

   There's not that much play value here, with swinging shoulders being all his poseability. Boomer and Ricochet provide most of the play value - you have the choice of two handheld guns or a compound gun again. The guns are better than most amongst the small Targetmasters, by the way.

   I quite like Quickmix's robot mode, which is good without being spectacular. The idea is certainly right and a clever transformation makes things work here - at a bigger scale the idea would have been great. The weaponry is good, the colours clever, which supports a good design.


   A blue figure with a large gold cannon moulded in place of his right arm, the handle sits on the middle of the chest. The eyes are also gold while there's some dark red highlighting. The gun is a fairly blocky, single barrelled affair and is probably the best of the small Targetmaster guns.


   A yellow figure with grey armour, a blue face and some blue on the waist. The handle is on his chest as on Boomer, and again the gun is a single barrelled gun.


   None that I'm aware of.


   The best of the small Targetmasters in my opinion (just shading Quake), Quickmix has two good modes, good Targetmasters, smart colours and an interesting transformation. I would have loved to see him done a year earlier, since the 1988 toys are generally cheaper than the 1987 toys. Despite the release date, Quickmix is a worthwhile toy - 9/10

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