Quake Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Quake
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Subgroup: Targetmaster
Function: Ground Assault
Alt Mode: Tank

Height: 4.5cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   A maroon tank with grey treads, a grey turret and a black cannon, Quake's colours are credible, although not really normal or tanks. On either side of the turret he sports yellow lightning bolt stickers, each of which features a Decepticon logo. Quake was sold the year after rubsigns disappeared from the line, so he lacks the rubsign and indent. This is a fairly dark colour scheme and it works quite well. There are parallels to Warpath's colour scheme, but Quake's tank mode is different enough that he doesn't really remind of Warpath.

   Most of the toys produced in 1988 were relatively low in detail, and some were downright poor. Quake is an exception, there are hatches on top of the turret, air vent grilles on the back, driving wheels inside the treads, headlights and many other features - the only surfaces left smooth are those that would be on a tank or those which need to be for his transformation. Combine the detailing with good proportions and this is a pretty good tank mode for it's size, and is one of the more detailed Transformer tanks.

   Quake has small black wheels underneath his treads, and he'll roll on smooth surfaces and slide along carpet. Since it splits into three during his transformation, the turret is fixed. There's a single post on the left hand side of the turret, allowing you to mount Tiptop or Heater - or their compound gun mode - on top. Quake is the only small Targetmaster with a single attachment in vehicle mode, incidentally. Of course, with the cannon in front, he has two weapons anyway (and three barrels if you want to configure the compound gun that way).

   A pretty good tank mode with a level of detail atypical of the era, although Quake's play value is lacking compared to most tanks. The single Targetmaster mount doesn't really bother me, since he has the tank cannon anyway, and Tiptop and Heater can form a compound weapon.


   Swing the treads out and forward to form his legs, flip out the feet. Split the halves of the turret and swing down to his sides, flip out the hands. The cannon will now sit alone on his back, you can leave it there if you like or give it to Quake as a pistol. Attach Targetmasters/pistol as desired.

   It's an unusual transformation, and he's the only G1 tank that doesn't end up with a turret stuck somewhere. Of course, the cannon ends up being orphaned, but then you're given the option of using it as a robot mode weapon.

Height: 13.5cm Width: 8cm

   The maroon which was dominant on the tank mode is now limited to his legs - the rest is on his back. The arms, insides of his legs and head are all grey while his torsoplate is a dark blue plastic and his hands and feet are black. His face is a pale orange colour, in stark contrast to the rest of the toy without being too bright. Quake sports quite a few mech detailed stickers on his arms, legs and torso, including one on the sternum which features a Decepticon logo. The stickers help bring some colour to what is otherwise a very dark robot mode - while the sculpt is again fairly detailed the stickers provide most of the variation since the sculpt is largely lost in the colours. I'm fairly neutral on the colour scheme now - the sombre theme is okay, but I'd have preferred the detailing being more visible.

   Quake's bodyshape is a little odd, his arms are on shoulderstruts and the swing out legs mean his boots are wider than his narrow thighs. While neither of these bother me terribly, they count as noticeable flaws. The detailing - especially on his head - and weaponry options make up for the bodyshape for me. The bodyshape is a by-product of his unusual transformation.

   The play value here is actually slightly better than that of his contemporaries. Poseability is limited shoulders that rotate and can swing back and a turning head. While the arms aren't really anything exceptional, the turning head is a nice bonus - it's not required for Quake's transformation at all. Quake can hold Tiptop and Heater individually or separately, and also has the cannon as a smaller pistol. Thanks to the tank mode mount being on his right wrist, Quake can actually wield all three simultaneously. So while his tank mode is a little static, the robot mode has extra poseability and several weapon options. Quake is the only Targetmaster to come with a weapon other than the nebulon partners, incidentally.

   Despite the dark colours and slightly unorthodox body shape, I really like this robot mode. Firstly, the transformation is interesting, and the turret's hatches and Targetmaster mount end up on his arms, which works well. I really like the fact that he has more weapon choices than any other Targetmaster (aside from the recent Hot Rod hybrid reissue). So it's not a perfect robot mode, but for the pricepoint it's a lot of fun.


Heater is a black double barrelled gun with armour, Tiptop is a single barrelled gun, with a long barrel and orange armour. Both have posts on their chests.


None that I'm aware of.


   Quake has his flaws, which include a very static tank mode and a dark robot mode. However the tank mode is detailed, the transformation is interesting and the robot mode play value is great. On balance this is a pretty good toy, and you like Targetmasters (or tanks) I'd recommend Quake - 7/10

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