Pyro Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Pyro
Series: "European" G1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Leader
Alternate Mode: Fire Truck

Thanks to Tiby for loaning me Pyro for this review.

Note: Due to the major Gold Plastic Syndrome issues with this toy, I'll be reviewing without attempting to transform Pyro. So some of the dimensions will be approximated and the transformation sequence approximated.

Height: 6cm Length: 22.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A pinkish-red boxy truck with a yellow and black striped rear section, he's a rather ill-defined fire truck. There's no hose or ladder, although there are stickers on either side of the cab with a bucket of sand and an axe on them. Fit For Natalie points out that he's a fire rescue truck, of the type used in airports and the like. and these things don't always have ladders etc. The windows and stroberack are transparent pink, which fits the red of the front half well - although the stroberack doesn't stand out as much as these things should. Much of the detail is provided by stickers and many of those are generic. The colours are mediocre and the defining details poor.

   There are eight plastic wheels which roll, and the missile launcher can be extracted from the rear section. His handgun can plug into a hole on the roof, but I'd recommend against this - the gold plastic composing this gun is likely to break when you remove it. Anyway, the gold missile launcher contains six missiles in a gatling-gun configuration and even features a little transparent plastic scope that flips up on top. There's a grey dial at the back which sounds like it should fire the missiles, but it doesn't have any effect on Tiby's (the missiles seem to just fall out, and there's no notch on them. It comes with six blue missiles.

   A fairly generic looking truck with somewhat random colours - aside from the obvious use of red on a fire truck. The stickers are poor and the missile launcher not especially effective. While the GPS overwhelms the robot mode, this truck mode is physically solid enough. Nonetheless, it's a poor vehicle mode.


   Detach and set aside the rear section. Swing out the rear section to the sides and lift up the gold blocks, forming arms. Swing out the fists. Fold down the underside, rotate to form legs. Fold out the feet. Fold down the blue plate on his waist, rotate the stroberack 90, rotate the centre of the windshield through 90 so that the stroberack is on his chest. Rotate the stroberack back, fold the blue panel up. Fold down the blue panel on his back, flip out the head and close the panel. Plug the gun into his hand - if you dare.

Height: 17cm Width: 12cm

   A pink robot with gold on his groin, forearms, feet and handgun. Pyro has navy blue hands and a navy blue head while his upper arms and thighs are black. There's some transparent pink on his chest (the stroberack) along with some yellow. His mouthblock is silver while his eyes are transparent pink with a great lightpipe, as is common for this era. The colours are again rather muddled and seemingly random. There are no Autobot logos on this toy.

   A very blocky robot with generic detailing. The legs are a single block with a gap between the middle of the boots - although the knees and ankles are fused. The stroberack and wheels provide some truck elements, but it's a very generic truck mode so this robot mode naturally doesn't suggest a fire truck.

   There's not much play value here. There's no real legs poseability. The shoulders swing and the elbows are hinged - but the GPS means lifting the forearms up is risky. The handgun doesn't do anything except sit in his hand. The base formed from the rear half of the truck acts as a second weapon, I guess.

   A fragile robot mode with limited play value anyway, Pyro's colours are poor and the fused legs are disappointing. The GPS issues dominate this toy anyway, but this robot mode fails to impress aside from that.


   Detach and set aside the front section. Fold down the rear end, lift the top out to the right, swing down the front and rear of the top plate, leaving the main section sticking upright. Lift out the black panels inside, fold out the blue and pink targetting scope. In theory you'll attach the handgun to the inside (front) of the black panel, but this is tempting fate. Swing the missile and right side out to reconnect with the back panel. Lift out the missile launcher and turn to the right side of the truck (which is now the front). Fold down the wheelcover on this front side. Position the robot behind the scope.

Height: 17cm Width: 15.5cm Depth: 13.5cm

   A yellow, black and red gun emplacement with a gold and blue missile launcher on the left side (as you look at it). For some reason the red is a solid red, not the pinkish red of the robot - and I don't see why the robot couldn't have used this less garish red. The colours are fairly random again, but without the pink shades it's more coherent than the robot component.

   A fairly low detail affair, but then it's more about the missile launcher than anything else. In fact, this gun emplacement is quite successful - the scope lines up to Pyro's eye level and there are handles he can grasp (I'm not going to do it - I don't want to move his elbows). The missile launcher is at a similar level to the scope and while it's composed of gold plastic, the joints at it's base are reasonably solid since the rotator is blue and the up-down hinge is partly blue and fairly loose. I wouldn't play with it too much, but it's not a disaster waiting to happen. Thankfully the missile launcher is the only gold piece here. The play value is limited to attaching the robot and firing the missiles (manually, I guess).

   A good gun emplacement which compliments the robot mode well. Okay, it outshines the robot by some distance, but you get the idea. It's not the most interesting or versatile Transformers base we've seen by any means, but we've seen a lot worse, and unlike many bundled with "leader" toys, it's more than a standalone - it can interact with the other component.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A toy dominated by Gold Plastic Syndrome, and a poor colourset generally. While the gun emplacement is pretty good, the robot mode is poor, the vehicle mode feels too generic with cheesy stickers and the play value ends up very limited thanks to the fragility of joints. Considering his scarcity (he was only released in Europe & Australia), I'd only recommend this toy to completists - and then wouldn't recommend playing with him any - 3/10

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