Prime Legions Evac Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Evac
Series: Prime
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 2cm Length:67cm Width: 3.5cm

   A royal blue Cybertronian sports car with a Honda Jazz/Fit body shape including a gently sloping black windshield, silver rocket at the back and black plastic tyres. Evac has a small red Autobot logo stamped on his hood and some gunmetal painted cannons on the front bumper. Rounding out a fairly simple but thorough colour scheme is some amber on his spoiler - which seems to have no other purpose but to add colour depth, which impresses me.

   He's quite a detailed little car, with lots of greeble all over, highlights include the gunmetal cannons & four holes on the sides for gun attachment, and that rocket at the back. There are no side windows here although there are twin slits on either side representing windows. The knee joints at the back could have been a pitfall here, but the rocket overshadows them nicely. Despite being sold in the Prime line's packaging, this toy's style fits more into the Movie paradigm (and he's essentially a later release of a character from that universe).

   There's some play value here - the transparent red gun can plug into the aforementioned holes on either side & the wheels turn. It's not a lot, but all I'd ask for at this size class.

   A well designed little vehicle, Evac has great detailing, a good colour scheme with generous (for a Legions size toy) paint and enough play value at this size. While there's no realism here, the vehicle mode works well by virtue of having no real flaws.


   Detach & set aside the gun, if attached Pull the sides out to the sides, forming arms & unlocking the rear section, fold that over to form his legs & split the boots. Fold down the hood to form his chest & reveal the head. Swing his arms up into place, place the gun into either hand and you're done. Incidentally, if the gun is attached on either door it can actually stay attached & form an arm-mounted cannon.

Height: 8cm Width: 5cm

   A blue robot with black boots, a light grey groin and light grey face with sky blue eyes & red elbows. The amber of his vehicle mode is joined by the & sky blue as colours found in single places. The gunmetal cannons & Autobot logo are now on his chest. The colour map works well and is very detailed for a Legions toy.

   A well formed robot mode with a complex sculpt - much of which is carried over from the vehicle mode. The hood as chest is a tried & true method, and it works well here. While it might seem obvious, there's no kibble here - the designer has done a great job integrating the otherwise protruding rocket into his knees. It's a an attractive & well put together robot mode.

   The play value here is probably the weakest link here, although Evac's poseability isn't poor as such. His shoulders & hips are ball jointed while the knees are hinged. The knee hinges aren't much use for poseability - the hinges are right at the back of the leg to enable the rocket to tuck away. Still, he has feet sculpted for the slightly-spread pose that's common lately, giving Evac a relaxed natural look. The gun can fit in either hand or on the outside of either arm, as mentioned.

   A very solid robot mode, with the knee jointing his only notable issue. Even then, it's a trade off, so I can't hold that against him. Evac holds his own against pretty much any Legions robot mode out there.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A wonderful Legions toy, even if the character originated in an amusement park ride. Both modes are well designed & the paint job is luxurious compared to many Legions toys. The play value is good, the sculpt detailed and the transformation elegantly simple & effective. Recommended if you like the size class - regardless of which line you consider Evac to belong to - 9.5/10

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