Prime Legends Cliffjumper Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Cliffjumper
Series: Prime
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Muscle Car

Height: 2cm Length: 7cm Width: 3cm

   A red muscle car with black plastic tyres, metallic charcoal painted windows & silver painted on his headlights, grille & taillights. There's a charcoal stripe on top of his roof with a tiny red Autobot logo stamped on it. It's a simple colour scheme & a fairly standard sort of paint job but it works well.

   Cliffjumper isn't based on any particular muscle car but there are shades of the Dukes of Hazard in this red muscle car - he looks like he could be a real vehicle. There's a small silver bullhorn attached to the front of the hood of the car, side mirrors and a sunshade on the rear window, which is a pretty good level of detail at this size. Sadly there's a rather inelegant hole on the roof for his weapon - it's on one side of a seam and breaks up the look more than I'd like. There are far less obtrusive holes on the sides, just behind the doors.

   As you'd expect then, Cliffjumper's play value essentially revolves around attaching his gun into these holes. It's a transparent red affair which resembles a bayonet & has posts on the back end and on three sides. It can be plugged into either side hole - which makes better use of the actual weapon - or the top to cover that awkward hole, although this also hides his Autobot logo. Oh and of course the wheels roll.

   Aside from that hole on the roof this is a nice little muscle car with standard but effective colours & some nice detailing. The gun doesn't really add much but provides Cliffjumper with some play value.


   Detach & set aside the gun, if attached. Unclip the back and flip backwards - taking the doors with it - to form the legs and reveal his head. Split the legs & rotate the doors to form feet. Split the hood & pivot the legs under & down - the roof forms his chest & the headlights his shoulderpads. Unfold the centre of his hood (in two halves) for form his arms & you're done.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 5cm

   A red robot with black thighs & upper arms, Cliffjumper has a silver face with tiny blue eyes & charcoal windows on his shins & groin. While there's not too much in the vehicle mode (red aside) that links this toy to his G1 namesake, the colour map here is actually very close to G1. That Autobot logo now sits on his chest, right below his face. As in vehicle mode this is a a fairly straightforward colour scheme but it works well.

   Cliffjumper's robot mode is distinct thanks to some novel transformation aspects. The doors as feet is something unique - especially since the outside of the doors are on the soles of his feet (complete with mirrors!). The shoulderpads are an extension of his torso but the outer fringes of the front of the car. He has prominent horns on his head which are a double reference to G1 & the bullhorn on his car mode.

   The weapon can plug into either hand as either a gun or a sword & looks good either way. Cliffjumper has ball joints in his shoulders, elbows, his & ankles while his knees are hinged. He's surprisingly stable & easy to pose for a toy with ball jointed ankles.

   A great robot mode with nice colours & some nice visual aspects that compliment a clever transformation. His poseability is good & the weapon works well.


   There is a transparent purple repaint which was released in Japan. Tailgate is a repaint of Cliffjumper.


   A good Legion toy with great colours, a really clever transformation & excellent robot mode. The weapon works well but the roof-mount in vehicle mode is a notable flaw & the only really shortcoming of what is otherwise a fantastic toy. Despite this flaw he's great value for such a small toy - 8.5/10

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