Prime Commander Ironhide Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ironhide
Series: Prime (although he's really based on War For Cybertron Ironhide)
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: 4x4 Truck

Height: 4cm Length: 9cm Width: 4cm

   A red & black 4x4 truck with metallic blue windows & painted silver details on the front (bumper, grille, headlights) along with silver running lights on the roof. The windshield is actually a somewhat transparent blue but this isn't obvious at a glance. He has black tyres & black side mirrors. It's a simple colour scheme but one that fits an Ironhide that's essentially based on G1 Ironhide.

   This is a 4 seater cab truck, so it's on the bigger side of a 4x4 truck - not that this conveys so much at Commander size. Still, it fits with the gruff Ironhide character. There's actually quite a bit of detail here although much of that is on the black lower parts of the truck so it doesn't really stand out so much. There's no Autobot logo here and the tray bed is a mess of kibble (it's the underside of his feet).

   His play value is centred on the guns. His twin transparent blue guns (like those seen on Movie Ironhide) can plug into holes on the doors or in the tray. While they look nice enough on the doors I'd recommend the tray simply because they cover up the kibble. His wheels roll & that's it for the play value - not that I'd ask for more at this size, really.

   A pretty good little truck for the most part. The tray kibble is his main flaw. The colours are simple but work well. The transparent blue guns are a little odd, but that seems to be the destiny for Commanders now & they could have done a lot worse than basing them on Movie Ironhide.


   Detach & set aside the guns (if on the tray; they can actually stay on the doors!). Pull up and split the rear to form his legs. Flip up the headlights, unlocking the doors which pull out & forward to form his arms (and reveal the head under his hood). Rotate the body just below his head, swing the shoulders down into place (the arms should pretty much line up into a natural position). Open the tailgate to form his ankles & fold down the feet. Fold in the side windows, attach weapons, if necessary.

Height: 9.5cm Width: 9cm

   A red & black robot with the transparent blue windshield now on his chest, Ironhide has a silver face & transparent blue weaponry. While the colours are simpler than vehicle mode the red and black are more mixed, again with more red towards the top - including the head. There's now a small red Autobot logo stamped on his chest. Again the colours work well and the colour map works well.

   The head has that G1 cartoon helmet (thankfully they didn't try give him the G1 toy head!), and the windshield on the chest also helps with the G1 tribute here. The shoulders are big & bulky, again giving him a gruff look - which isn't diminished due to his size now. There's some kibble behind the head, which is the hood & headlights. It's not terribly obtrusive, but it's more than we tend to see on modern Transformers.

   The weapons are the highlight of Ironhide's play value and they really come to the fore now. They can plug into either hand or on the outside of the forearms (these are the door holes, and as mentioned, they can stay there during transformation). They've also got the capacity to combine into a compound weapon which looks very good & can plug into any of the four holes. Ironhide is more poseable that most Transformers larger than he is. The head & waist are fixed but his shoulders, elbows and hips are ball jointed while the knees are hinged. His ankles actually feature two hinges each, and both are tight enough to offer some real poseability. Sure they're both for transformation but they really enhance Ironhide's play value.

   A good robot mode only held back by the kibble behind his head. Great colours, a well done G1 tribute with a movie twist thrown in and really well designed weapons all gang up to make this a great robot that's also very poseable.


   None that I'm aware of. Beast Hunters Trailcutter & Huffer are retools of Ironhide.


   A great little Commander toy that does a good job of looking powerful. The colours work well, the G1 tribute is distinct while also carrying Movie Ironhide's weapon. The weaponry brings a lot of play value & he's poseable to boot. The transformation is simple yet clever. There's some kibble in either mode, but at this size & with the play value he has, I can recommend him despite the kibble - 9/10

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