Prime Commander Starscream Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Starscream
Series: TF Prime
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Jet

Height: 4cm Length: 11.5cm Width: 9cm

   A grey plane with very light grey paint on the leading edges of his wings & his nose. Starscream has a black canopy, dark grey on the trailing edges of the wings & some connecting pieces. There are hints of red here and there - most notably the transparent red missile racks under each wing. The grey plastic has a slight sheen to it. There's no Decepticon logo here (nor any purple at all). The colours fit the character well and the layout is decent - I'm not sure how durable that light paint on the soft plastic nose would last in a kid's hands, though.

   There's a fair bit of robot mode junk on this jet - especially the rear of the fuselage (between the wings and around the tail). The robot feet are visible behind the cockpit and it's not a good look. The tail is composed of a soft plastic on mine at least it's permanently bent to starboard. The overall look is really hurt by this disjointed fuselage, sadly. The sides of the rear (his legs) don't actually clip in either; rather relying on joint tightness to stay in place. While it works fairly well, they do move out of place easier than I'd like. Play value here is limited to adding/removing the missile racks.

   A disappointing jet mode, thanks largely to the poorly designed fuselage. It feels like they've put more effort into the (packaged in) robot mode just looking at the robot mode kibble here. The colours work - although I don't trust the light grey painted soft nose - but there's pretty much no play value so overall it's not a great plane mode.


   Remove & set aside the weapons, if attached. Flip out the legs, lift up the front & pivot forward - split to form his arms. Swing the head (now revealed) into position, swing the wings forward & the up (onto his back). Rotate the tail & fold onto his back, position the arms, place the weapons on the arms and you're done.

Height: 12cm Width: 7cm

   A grey robot with black thighs & upper arms, Starscream has some dark gee on his head & chest along with various red detailing such as his eyes & crest. That light grey painted nose now sits at the end of his hands - and the damaged paint on mine is too visible here (we're talking damaged out of the package, but the soft plastic is conducive to this). There's a small purple Decepticon logo on his chest. The colour scheme works well enough although it's nothing spectacular. My only complaint is again the ill-advised decision to paint the soft nosecone.

   While the vehicle mode feels like the secondary mode here, Starscream has a fair bit of plane kibble in robot mode. The nosecone on his hands is problematic & it's joined by shoulders that look far too blocky - they look like they're meant to clip together more than they look like shoulders. The wings behind his torso look good although coupled with the tainfin on his back they make starscrea, too back heavy for his small heelspurs. As it is the heelspurs are kibble in vehicle mode - and yet they're too small to be terribly effective here. His skinny legs don't loo that great but I do like the stabilisers on his knees & the red weapons on the outsides of the arms work well.

   Play value is hampered by Starscream's back-heavy nature. The shoulders and hips are ball jointed while his elbows are double hinged & his knees ante (single) hinged. The head is also hinged, but swinging it backwards is only useful for Starscream's transformation. His ankles rotate but this doesn't really add any stability - I'm really not sure why there's a joint there. The guns can plug into either forearm - as I've mentioned. They can also clip into his hands but his hands are awkwardly shaped & so they don't stay securely.

   You'd think being the mode he's sold in this would be Starscream's better mode - and while visually it is, Starscream has stability issued and poorly fitting weapons - this is actually his weaker mode. While I don't hate his robot mode, the difficulty I have in standing him is enough to take any fun out of it.


   There's a grey & red retool in Beast Hunters.


   With a litany of problems, this is a poor Commander toy. From the kibble in _both_ modes to the major backpack & tiny heelspurs in robot mode, there's just too many issues for me to recommend this toy. The painted nosecone is a bad idea & the weapons should fit into his hands a lot better. His colours work well enough and he does display well in robot mode - but that's once you get him stand (or place something behind him). I'd not recommend this mould even if you like the Commander class - 3/10

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