Prime Commander Megatron Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatron
Series: Prime
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Space Ship

Height: 5cm Length: 11cm Width: 12cm

   A grey ship with transparent purple in the centre of the fuselage & on the weapon atop the rear, Megatron has painted metallic purple on his wings & a tiny stamped Decepticon logo on the transparent purple. The colours are typically Megatron. I'm not sure I like the transparent purple on a ship, but it works well visually & suits the character.

   This is one of this "it's a space ship because we say so" alt modes. As seems to be typical of Megatron characters post Beast Wars, it's a very poorly defined ship which looks more like an unfolded robot than anything else. In some cases this is a by-product of simplification at the smaller size class, but in Megatron's cases the larger toys have a similar (if slightly more polished) look. Anyway his head is clearly visible behind the transparent purple - and while this is also the case on the larger toys they're able to mask his face, but on this Commander Megatron can see where he's going as the entire face is visible. The wings are the robot legs and while they do a good job of not looking like legs they don't clip in which is annoying. I actually like the look of this ship, so it's a shame the awkward wings & visible head hold back this mode. The crab claw-like nose section is a fun detail & the colours work well for Megatron (and better than many Megatrons we've seen down the years).

   Being a Commander, I don't expect much play value here. The transparent purple weapon on top can rotate through 360 but given that it's an energon sword I'm not sure aiming it achieves a lot. So really he just sits there being a space ship.

   Conceptually this is actually a pretty nice looking ship - with good colours & an interesting shape - despite being a rather ill-defined ship. But the visible face and wings that don't clip in hold back what could otherwise have been a strong vehicle mode.


   Detach & set aside the sword. Pivot back the wings to form legs and swing the boots into place, rotate the legs. Pivot the crab-claws back to form breast plates, fold the purple section down to form his chest & then fold down again - this time with the head - to close the torso. Unclip the section now behind his torso & swing forward to form his arms. Rotate the fusion cannon on his right arm, position the arms & give Megatron his sword.

Height: 10cm Width: 7.5cm

   A grey robot with a transparent purple chest covered by grey breastplates, Megatron has a silver face with red eyes, that small Decepticon logo between the breastplates and some painted metallic purple on his elbows & knees. His thighs, hands and elbows joints are gunmetal rounding out a simple colour scheme that's dominated by grey and suits a Megatron figure nicely. There's less purple here but that which he does have is used well - the chest itself has a light pipe & it looks very impressive if he's backlit by a decent light source (such as my laptop screen).

   This is easily Megatron's more attractive mode & given that Commanders are sold in robot mode, that may not be an accident. The painted detailings in both modes are quite understated in both modes but this mode feels more contiguous as everything fits together elegantly (unlike the wings in vehicle mode). The general shape of his limbs here seems very natural too - it just feels like the robot mode dictated the design of this figure. The sculpt is simple but not underdone, making this a pretty good looking little robot mode.

   Megatron has pretty good play value. The head and waist are fixed but his shoulders, elbows & hips are ball jointed. The shoulder joints swing back not up to the sides so there are extra hinges for that direction, which is nice. The knees are hinged & he has big feet & heelspurs making Megatron very easy to stand. The transparent purple sword has two posts, one is a standard hilt & the other on the side (which is more for the vehicle mode). It can plug into either hand using the hilt, plug into a wrist socket on the right arm like a talon or using the side post onto the outside of the fusion cannon - although it's kinda underneath his arm & not so visible. There's also a post on his back where you can clip it to stow in robot mode, if you so desire.

   A good robot mode with weaponry options & good poseability. I like the unorthodox light pipe - it's something different & is well executed. This is more visually appealing mode as well as the more playable.


   There's a darker grey version sold exclusively in a Japanese six pack.


   A surprisingly good Commander given the conceptually weak & poorly executed vehicle mode. The colours work - and they're better than we tend to see on many Megatron toys which are either too grey (many Movie Megatron toys) or have sloppy colour schemes (such as Armada Megatron). The robot mode is well designed with a lot of play value at this size. The vehicle mode has some issues - not least the wings that can't clip in - but it's a nice idea thanks to the crab-claw nose section. While this isn't a toy I'd recommend hunting down, it's a good effort at this size class - 8/10

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